Pair Philips Hue Go BT to Homey?

I recently bought a Philips Hue Go (Bluetooth model) to use with my Homey which is running 4.x firmware.
The Hue Go BT is supported in the Philips Hue application

However I’m unable to pair the device with my Homey! When installing you’re prompted to:
a) turn lamp off and then on -> results in adding device timed out
b) turn lamp off/on 6 times -> results in adding device timed out

The Go BT is brand new, straight out of the box. Nevertheless I installed the Hue app for my Android phone and reset the lamp via the app. Still no success, adding the device just time out.
It work perfectly over BT via the Hue app in my phone but I bought it for use with Homey… I do not have a Hue bridge and I use a couple of Hue bulbs already so the Hue app in Homey is indeed working.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Should be supported indeed:

Can you see the device information at advanced settings of that device? Cause I see this one should be supported: Go BT (LCT026), maybe you have another ID, then it needs to be added.
But reading your post it’s seems like a zigbee pairing issue, which is athom responsibility, not app related. But I’m not sure.

I think @johan_bendz can help you. This is btw the right topic where the question should have been asked: Philips Hue Zigbee

The issue was resolved as soon as I upgraded to Homey V5. The LCT026 paired within a second (after a reset in the Philips app).

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