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My Hue Go wasn’t recognized by the Philips Hue Zigbee app, so the device has been installed as an unknown zigbee device. I sent an e-mail to the app developer a while ago, but he hasn’t replied yet. Could someone help me? No Hue hub was used in the past and I have reset the Go several times using the Hue BT app. Product ID LCT026, Device ID 269, Profile ID 260.

The Hue Go is part of the app. As I am not perfect, I might have done something wrong during installation.


If it doesn’t work out of the box, it just doesn’t work. There is a new generation of hue bulbs a few months ago, which have the products new id’s. I already added one of my own bulbs to it, and several people here are using it.

I’ll look if I can add it to the app after the weekend. I’ll get back to you.

Didn’t know that. Thanks for your help. My Hue motion sensors didn’t cause any trouble.

That’s correct. TP Vision created a whole new line of lights the last few months. Almost none of which work with the hue zigbee app. I’ll also add your light after the weekend :slight_smile:

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No problem. I also got a response from the developer of the app. He’ll be adding the bulbs that are given to him in Github issues as well. So if you haven’t done so already, create an Issue on the github page and he’ll add your bulb(s) too.

Please keep the conversation in English. Not translated posts will be deleted soon.

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Sorry, wasn’t paying attention :slight_smile:

Hello. I just bought a number of Philips hue E27 color lamps. I’m using the Zigbee app without hub. I’m not able to find this particular lamp in the app. Does it exist? If not what are my options if any?


You could try a random color bulb. If it detects it properly it’ll work fine. (same driver/color profile) if it adds it as a ‘standard zigbee device’ or something, then it needs to be added to the app. You can file a request at the maintainer via the github page:

I do know that a new version is due (1.4.7) so maybe it’s supported in the new app.

Edit: It’s supported in the new version which is due:

Thanks. That looks promising. Is there a way to download and install this new version?

I have installed and tested the dev branch. It is only supporting the E27 white only. In fact, when choosing the “Hue E27 W&C Ambiance BT” as proposed in the app, it is only getting added as White only. I guess it is only an issue of product ID. It is a mere guess.

Managed to add my LCT026 (Hue Go Bluetooth) with the support/manual Lennard has sent me. Thanks.

I’m trying to add a bulb to homey directly to get a router that extends my zigbee mesh. I have an old E27 colourbulb (which does not exist in the app) I added it once and it was functioning but somehow a few days ago it stopt responding. the bulb is 6 meters from Homey so it couldn’t be a range issue however I removed it and now i’m trying to readd it, but it will not show up…

i’ve reset it with a remote, and with the bridge… still nothing…
whats wrong with this setup?

Can somebody add the Calla outdoor Lamp via CLI?

Product id: LCF002
Service id: 528
profile id: 49246

Hi there, Calla is now supported in the test version of the app.

Please use the app specific topic for future requests.

Hi Johan,
The Philips Hue Zigbee app does not have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors, or have I overlooked a setting?
Accelerating the reaction time of a lamp via the “Transition Time” parameter does not work for me. Even at 0, the lamp / light strip only slowly increases its brightness.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Tregobad, it’s correct… right now there is no such option. I am looking into adding a sensitivity setting.

Ouch, this is awkward… :grimacing: the code for that setting should have been removed long ago… the funtion is now in the flowcard and called Duration. Thanks for pointing that out. :blush:

BTW, the official thread for the app is [APP] Philips Hue Zigbee

Hi @johan_bendz i bought a philips aurelle square but if i connect homey detect it as unknown device. Product ID: 3216231P6 are there different versions? Because in the app i can see those panels in your app. Thanks for your help