Interviewing zigbee device breaks connection with the device - Homey Pro (early 2023)

I try to interview a Philips Hue A60 (LWA021) light bulb at the developer page to add support for it (community app), so it won’t be seen as a generic zigbee device. I do not have a Philips Hue Bridge. That’s why I use this app.

However once I interview the light, it turns off/on a few times. So it seems it be interviewing. Then the light remains very bright. As a result the light is not working anymore and the only way to get it to work again is to reset the light bulb with a remote.

When I try to enable the device it mentions the device is not responding and asks if the device is connected to power:

When I try to interview it again, I receive a weird error message:

I use an homey pro (early 2023) with version 10.0.0-rc.122

My guess only Athom OR the dev can help you with this

The device is added as a generic/unknown zigbee device, cause the device ID is not yet known as a A60 light bulb. So basically it has nothing to do yet with the Philips Hue app of Johan Benz. That’s why I want to interview the device, to ask for support for this light bulb with this device ID.

I made a support ticket for Athom. Let’s see.

Athom asked me to install rc133 and test it again.

I added the device again to get it to work again and with homey version 10.0.0-rc.133 I managed to interview the device. But I also waited much longer during the interview on developer page, this could also be the trick.

Although I did get an interview result. The device is unresponsive again in the homey app and Philips Hue BT app (outside homey). So lets wait for athom’s reply

Update from Athom:
"The problem appears to be a technical issue and I have passed this on to development. Development is working hard to find a solution to the problem. Unfortunately I can’t say for sure when this issue will be found and resolved, but know it’s in the right hands and it’s getting all the attention it deserves.

We hope to solve this problem as soon as possible. If your issue has not been resolved after a month. Then please contact us again."

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Extra update, same info:
"I will forward your report to Development so they can take a look at it and try to fix it as soon as possible. I can’t give you any guarantees on when your issue will be found and solved, but please know that it will be placed in the right hands and will be investigated.

It seems very strange that an interview breaks the connection between the device and Homey Pro. Development will definitely would want to takea look at this.

For now this is all I can do for you, which is why I’m closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email."

I received this answer from Athom:

I checked with development about this.
Basic Zigbee devices are not added according to a driver file of a particular app. The interview function is mainly meant for developers who want to see what capabilities their device has received from the driver. So it may indeed be that devices that do not have a driver (basic Zigbee devices) cannot interview properly. This is not intended for interviewing driverless devices.

Everyone that want to add a basic zigbee device to a certain app, interview it first right? To give thia interview code to the developer, so they can add it to their app?
I don’t see a reason why the device would break after an interview… I never had it with my old Homey Pro (2019)