Philips hue without the hub gets the homey freeze

I have quite a lot of Philips hue bulbs connected to the Homey through the app “Hue without the hub”. Recently Homey has been freezing from time to time and is not responding when I am trying to turn the lights on/off. Not from the homey app and not from any of the remotes.

Though, it seems like the other units I have connected to homey, like sensibo and other things still react, so may it be a problem with the app “Hue without the hub”? How can I eventually find out?

Any information would be great!

Hi, the best way to get help is to look for the dedicatedapp topic, and post your questions there. I looked up the topic already, so here you go:

I haven’t seen major issues with the Hue without bridge app yet.
Additional info needed:

  • have you changed the power unit and chord by a decent well-known one 5V and 2A and up. The original unit tends to deliver less than 5V over time.
  • the number of zigbee devices paired with Homey
  • the number of zigbee devices you turn on/off at once
  • what remotes are you referring to
  • did you tune your zigbee channel and wifi channel? Is you wifi channel fixed to one channel (no auto-mode)
    ZigBee and Wi-Fi Coexistence | MetaGeek


Thank you for tips and reply!

  • Lets start with the first one, which contact doest the homey have? USB-mini? Just so that I can order the right one
  • Is there a limit of how many I can have?
  • Only 1-3 that works on the same time
  • Philips hue remotes and Motion sensors
  • No, have not been doing any modification here. what to do?