Hue sensors not responding?

Hello people!

I bought the Homey this weekend and has been migrating all my systems to it directly. I want to get rid of all the hubs I have.

I’m overall very happy with it except for the issues I’m facing with the philips HUE sensors.

When i add them they work fine. I have 3 of them. But then after a day they just stop functioning. The motion sensor is not beeing picked up even though I can see the red light flashing on the sensor.

In the homey app it says “motion detected: No”

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot these things since I’m new to the hub so I appreciate any feedback and help.

Are the hue sensors connected to homey via the hue hub?
In that case you have a hue issue (unless none of the hue work, then your hue hub is too far from homey)

Are your hue sensors connnected directly to hue?
Check out the developer page to see your zigbee network z(you need to login with your homey account)
Did it create a mesh? Maybe the sensors are too far from homey or a powered zigbee device (mesh)

Greetings Frank

If it’s connected directly to Homey with the Hue zigbee app the issue is probably in Homey core itself, not in the app. Then it doesn’t matter how close to the Homey you have the sensor installed. See . Then you better report the issue to Athom support.

Did not notice that one, just thought of updating to v2.0 this week, better not.
Although it is reported as being fixed in 2.05 by one of the users in that thread.
(But Inwould expect the issue being closed if it was really fixed)

I have them connected directly to homey without the hue hub. Is it recommended to use the hub for now then while in 2.0? Homey is within Line of Sight to 2 of the sensors so distance is not an issue. It’s very close to all of them. (its an apartment)

Like I wrote above, is it recommended to use the sensors through the HUE hub for now then? Shall I connect all hue stuff via the hub?

If you have the hub I would recommend using it until the issue is fixed. Just follow the github issue. Maybe it won’t be fixed until the zigbee rewrite(?). Don’t have the hub myself, but read that there’s a delay when using the motion sensor though. So there’s no good solution really.

There is indeed a delay of ~3sec when using the hub.
Thats why I moved them to homey.
As a double workaround you could define a flow in the hub iso in homey… :frowning: but thats not why we bought a homey…

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I linked the sensors back to Hue hub and so far it works still. The delay is annoying but it works untill the problem is fixed atleast. Better to have delayed lights than none, right? :slight_smile: