Zigbee sensor not reliable

After testing the Fibaro motion sensor (which didn’t work with Homey because it would get stuck in detecting motion every time) I bought a Hue motion sensor. Thinking Zigbee might work.
But it’s the same issue again. The device get’s stuck in detecting motion of isn’t updating the lightsensor anymore etc. It just isn’t a very reliable solution.
I’ve contacted the app designer (Hue) and he told me the problem is on Homey’s side, within the Zigbee implementation.
Are there multisensors that actually do work reliable with Homey?
And if the Zigbee problem is on Homey’s side, when is it going to be fixed?


But have some Fibaro and Neo sensors hanging around here working like a charm.

Question has been asked a lot (and when i say a lot, i mean a lot!) lately. We cannot tell u when. What we can tell u is that they are working on updates very hard.

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Thx for your reply.
I really don’t understand why the Fibaro sensor doesn’t work reliable for everyone. The same for the Hue one.

This is the reply from the developer:
“This is most likely an issue with the ZigBee implementation of Homey. In the latest Athom newsletter they mentioned that the ZigBee code will be redesigned eventually. Hopefully this will help.”

I’m not a Domotica expert, so I have to rely on this kind of information. Just looking for a multisensor that works for months on end with exact readings, that’s all actually.

As the Philips Hue app is an Athom app i wonder who the developer is?

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Never mind, I give up on getting some help or a descent reply on these forums.
Apparently everyone who isn’t cheering and praising Homey isn’t welcome here.

U had some decent reply’s alr, it was not my intention to be mean.
But u keep saying that the developer think it’s a Homey issue. Well, if that’s true, what u want me to say?
I have also a Aeotec sensor hanging outside, works like a charm. But when it’s a Homey issue that one is probably also not doin what u want with it.
Now don’t give up. Go re-add a Fibaro sensor and keep it close to Homey. Wake him up, talk nice to him and even hug him if u need to. But over here they work!


Like to add one more thing without being mean:
The so called zigbee problems have nothing to do with Fibaro/Neo motion sensors stuck in motion ofc.

Just buy the cheap Aqara/Xiaomi presence detection sensors on aliexpress.
They will not blaim Homey; they just do the job…

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Very late response…
Did you use more HUE stuff? Like lights?

I’m also looking for a solution as my Fibaro get’s stuck in motion every other day.
I would like to know if it didn’t work for you because of the zigbee reach…
I use a lot of HUE light so my reach shouldn’t be a problem.

(Or did you perhaps found a new stable solution?)

Hue lights can not be used to create a ‘generic’ zigbee mesh, as they run the Zigbee Light Link standard.

Apparently the IKEA globes do run the ‘generic’ zigbee and can be used to create a mesh.

Same problem with my Hue Motion sensors. Work-arround is to remove the sensor and add it again. Then it works for a few hours/days.

After upgrade to 1.5.13 two days ago, i think it got worse.

Update : after the update to 1.5.13 my sensors don’t work anymore. :sob: