Zigbee rewrite question

I’ve seen a lot of talk of the upcoming Zigbee rewrite. My question isn’t about the “when” (which I know has been a frequent topic of discussion) but the “what.”

What kinds of things will/should be possible after the rewrite that aren’t now? I’ve seen bits and pieces of this information, but usually as part of other discussions, and it’s hard to find information gathered in a single place.

I saw some devices mentioned as currently not being compatible with Homey, like the new Ikea dimmers, the Ikea 5-button switches, and Gira/Jung smart switches, but that the rewrite might fix that. Which other Zigbee devices fall into that category?

I know stability is part of it too, but I’m not sure to what extent.

Anything else?

The hue motion sensor is not working accurately at all (which is a pretty big thing for motion…). When connected to homey most of the triggers (I see the led flash on the sensor itself) are not detected,
.connecting it via the hue bridge did notimprove a lot (bit better). But the bridge introduces a delay of a few seconds (which is a pretty big thing for motion…)

I agrea to this. For this reason i let Philips Hue(not the Philips Hue Homey app) turn in the bulbs when motion is detected, but let Homey turn on the bulbs when a door sensor is triggered.

Many off you will say Homey got to do this all, but the only thing I want us to function.

This way the bulbs also turn on when there is a electricity issue and Internet or Homey are off line.