Hue motion sensor not triggering

Hi, I got my Homey 2019 yesterday, and started with the upgrade to V2. I have a Hue bridge from before. But felt it was to slow when it came to registrering motion and turning on lights. So I removed from my Hue and added all my Hue devices to Homey today. All seems OK. But my flows just wont start If Hue motionsensor is the trigger.

Hi by ‘adding Hue devices’ to Homey, I am guessing you mean you installed the Hue Zigbee app.

Which version of the app are you using 1.3 or 1.4?

Have the same problem. Doesn’t matter if I use the beta or stable version. The motion sensor doesn’t report any value at all. Opened up an issue here


Hi, I use the Hue Zigbee app, version 1.3. I will try with beta 1.4.3. now.

Thanks for your reply, do you have a link to the supportcase as well? So I might follow the progress.

You mean the link already posted? Hehe.

Just notice if you downgrade from the beta version to the stable version you have to re-pair all your devices.

Also mentioned here btw:

All works well here, But I use the hue bridge. Am I missing something? Is there an advantage using the zigbee app instead of the bridge?

With the Hue bridge my setup works as well, but IT has an added delay of a couple of seconds.

Then you don’t have to buy bridges for all your different devices/protocols.

Mine worked just fine as well. But one of them has never reported lux value (a known zigbee issue?), so I tried to re-pair it after the 2.0 update. And since then I have the problem. Just to know if it was just that sensor which is broken I re-paired another one, which reported all values (even after 2.0) and now that one is dead as well, hehe.

I have the same issues.
The Bridge version has a ~4 second delay from motion detection to Homey takes any action. Same with keypress on a Hue Switch.

The ZigBee version doesn’t work at all with motion sensors, but almost no delay with keypress on switch.

Sebastian, the author of the app, wrote “My priority for next release is Motion sensor and dimmer switch. I cannot tell you when this will become a reality though.”

New update from Sebastian:
" I have now finally managed to reproduce the problem and I am trying to fix it when there is time to work on projects that do not pay the bills. You are welcome to help out in debugging Athom code in order to track down why an Array is being returned as null from the Hue Motion sensor.

So in short I am working on it. Please be patient or contact Athom"