Gira Senic switch connection to Homey

is it possible to connect a Gira Senic wall switch (Friends of Hue) to Homey?
I do not own a Hue Bridge

If so, how do I set this up?
If not, is it possible to make such a connection/compatibility?

Maybe this app (hue without the bridge)

I don’t think it will be able to work with my app… the friends of Hue devices do not follow the same specs as the Hue device does.

@Charl can you add it as a generic device and interview it for me?

You won’t even be able to add it to Homey.

The FoH switch does not want to connect to a Zigbee controller (according to the Zigbee specification) and is using only 4 Zigbee channels.

The latter can be resolved by changing the Zigbee channel of your Homey; but you have to reconfigure the entire network.

Thank you all for your replys!
I have returned the Gira FOH switches and bought a fibero 2 dimmer instead.
So @johan_bendz I can’t add it anymore.

Thanks again for your help