Frinds of hue

Hi All
Dose anybody know how to install a frinds of Philips hue?

Thanks in advance Jakob

I would like to use it without the hub from Hue.
But then i cant finde my device from Jumitech?

Just because a device is called “friends with hue” doesn’t mean it will be supported by both Homey Philips Hue apps (most likely not at all, so neither (both) of them).

Friends of hue devices are just a brand of zigbee devices (that can work with the Philips Hue bridge), and there is where it stops for Homey, most (none light) friends of hue brands aren’t supported by the Hue Bridge app (inside Homey).
As for the Hue Zigbee app (direct to Homey) it will never be supported as it is just a different brand, and thus needs an app specific for this brand, in your case “Jumitech” as there is no app for Jumitech in the Homey app store, it will only have on/off support until an app is created.

I have the friends of hue Scenic Gira switch. I paired it with Philips Hue own app and imported it with Homey Hue app for the bridge. It is imported a a philips hue Tap.

Works just fine with Homey.

When this doesn’t work you can try to make a scene in Philips Hue own app. You then have the ability to use the scene in a flow in Homey. So there are some solutions. Not all will work, but with a little bit off luck

So after you have imported it. Can you then remove the hue bridge?

fre. 19. mar. 2021 kl. 22.32 skrev Marcel via Homey Community Forum <>:

Hey Jakob.

Did you sort it out? I have the same issue. Jeg har samme problem =)


I solved it. with the bridge. I will soon try it without the bridge. you have to add the device as a Hue Tap Switch!!! YAY!!!

Hi Anders
No i did not solved the problem.I also talk to Jumitec about this and they sayed that it only works with the Hue Bridge :frowning:
But they say that they have some other devices for Zigbee 3 green power.
But just resived today some other brand Logic Group that i will test now. there is at least a app in homey for this :slight_smile: