[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

Great, will try again.

First rest by hue dimmer switch, then add in homey.


Nope, i cant connect it.
It is an old one, round remote but does not connect.

Ah thats pitty.

@cautje Can you add it as generic device?

Nope, does not connect as generic.
time out.

It is a living collors smartlink, printed in wite letters on the back, you cant see it on the picture.

I dont know what smartlink means.

Is it possible to use the remote connected to homey?


Hi @cautje, sorry for the late answer. Been busy with updating the app for upcoming firmware v5.

I will look into this later, I have seen workarounds for controlling those but in all fairness I’m not sure they will ever be completely integrated with Homey.

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Hi all.

The app is currently being updated to support the upcoming Homey Firmware v5 / SDK 3 / New Zigbee driver.

Once Athom has released v5 I will start looking to add more devices. Until then no new devices will be added to the app. I will however try to fix any issues in the current test version if needed.


I use the Phillips hue bridge right now. Because I don’t want to install all kinds of apps on my homey. I have hue lights. Ikea lights. Inner lights. Even an aldi light.

Is it possible to add them all to this app? Or do I need to install all kinds of diffrent apps on homey?

When it’s not possible is it something that you can/will make possible? Curious about it.

Keep up the great work you do!

Hi @Wesley_Witjes. Athom has decided that each brand should have unique app so no, there will be no “one for everything” app.

But I do not see the problem having multiple apps, I have several Homeys and more than 40 apps on all running just fine. On one Homey I even had more than 70 apps running for a while with no issues.

Hey Johan.

When trying to add the Econic light it’s being added as an unknown device any idea what I might be doing wrong here?!


Hi @Johan_Sorensen, is it the test version you are using? So far I have not updated the Live version with the new devices.

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Ahh I will give the test version a shoot.

@johan_bendz it did wonders! thank you :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tested Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus V4 LED-list (V4 adds BT)?
It is a bit pricey, so it would be good to know beforehand.

On the one hand LST002 is listed as supported (if that is still the id for V4?), on the other hand the smart plug LOM001 is listed but is actually not recognized. This does not really matter since it works fine as a standard zigbee on/off device.

Thanks for any feedback!

Don’t think so.
The old strip was lst001, the “new” was lst002, the outdoor is called lst003 so it will have another typenumber me guess.

With the experimental new firmware on the Homey the Philips Motion sensors are not working and i can’t connect them. When Will be relaeased the new software ?

Hi @xxJeroenxx. Update is under development, I will release it asap but since my main concern is that it does not brick the installations of thousands of users it might take another week or two.

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Thanks Johan, for the update!
By the way is it possible to test the software before releasing? If you want i can test it om the Philips indoor en outdoor sensors.

Greetings Jeroen

Hi again @xxJeroenxx. The app will be released as a test version on the app store once I’m reday to have ppl test it. I will keep you all posted! :slight_smile:

I actually had the lights ready for some weeks ago but I did not have the time to complete the sensors and buttons before my vacation.


Good evening,

Eagerly waiting for the update of this app so I can go to Homey v5. Thanks for the efforts.

I have updated to 1.5.10 and I noticed that my Philips LCT007 bulbs are not responding anymore. I have repaired them but stil no luck.