[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

Hi @Fiek, there is no change regarding the code for that device between those two versions so it should work just fine.

Can you pull the plug on Homey for 11 minutes and start it up again, letting it load all apps and such for up to 10 minutes before checking if the device is back to normal?

If the device(s) still does not work please send a crash report from the app.

// Johan

How can i best organise scenes. When using the hue app you could create in an easy way scenes. Set the lights in the desired colours, dim level en save them as as scene. Whithout using the hue bridge it looks to mee that you have to set a lot of lights in te desired scene/light strength or is there a simple solution

Check the Group app if it can help you.

Hoi Johan,

Did a ptp for 30 minutes but the Bulb is not responding and I also dont get an error in the app. Where in the app is the crash report send button?

Quite right, the BT-enabled Lightstrip Plus is LCL001 (device iD 269, profile 260). There is a github issue open for this.

I actually got one delivered after searching the web stores quite thoroughly just to avoid the v4/BT variant and got the cheapest one that did not mention BT in the description.
Received the latest upgraded one anyway…
Sort of ”Good, but bad, but good, but bad,…”

Hi @Fiek.
You send the crash report for the app from …(more)/apps/Philips Hue Zigbee/Gear icon (upper right)

It’s not there

@johan_bendz I reverted back to 1.4.9 and the bulbs are working again.

Thanks @Fiek for pointing this out, I found the problem in the test version. My bad! :smiley:

Now fixed (in next version).

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Glad to be of any help

@ johan_bendz will the motion detectors also be compatible with the V5?

Hi @Olaf_Meier, yes they will.


I would be happy if the Philips Outdoorsensor
“Hue Model 9290019758” would be adapted soon.

Thanks and greetings


Hi @Zwanzig20, is this a new version of the Outdoor Sensor?
The version with model numer 8718699625474 is already supported by the app.

If this is a new version, can you please provide a link to it?

@johan_bendz I have small question regarding your app. When a light bulb is manually switched off. The Homey app still marks the light bulb as on. Is it possible that it is marked as off in homey? I noticed also that if I manually switch a light on it still is marked as off in Homey. I have also innr bulbs I noticed A difference. when I manually switch an innr lamp on it is immediately marked as on in Homey app and when I manually switch it off it does the same as the Hue bulbs. Still marked on in Homey.

Hallo, johan_benfz
I found a listing for MQTT here:

Hi @Fiek.
Problem with turning smart lights off manually (power off) is that there is nothing that can report to Homey that it is no longer powered. When it comes to turning the lights on again I can’t tell what differs between the apps or devices but I will have a look at it.

Hi @johan_bendz.
I finally decided to give it a try to the Hue motion sensor with the new app (2.0.1) and homey 5 - rc23. Until now it was connected to the Hue hub. What i noticed is that it’s reporting wrong luminance. It shows so many lux that it feels like it’s sitting on the sun itself (20701), where another sensor placed side by side and connected to the Hue hub shows only 82 lux. The motion and temperature seems to work just fine.

Thanks @gregory75 for your feedback!
Hmm, yeah… you are right… the values are way to high. I will have a look at the parser! Thx! :smiley:

philips hue probably uses lumen instead of lux in its sensor (at least the hue bridge uses lumen) :thinking: so a calculation might need to happen.

calculation used by an old bridge app: Math.pow( 10, ( sensor.state.lightLevel - 1 ) / 10000 );
making the value 20701 lumen into 117 lux.