Hue support for Philips Hue Argenta

Hi there!

My first post here.
I hope this is the correct way to ask for adding new devices.

Is it possible to add support for the

Philips Hue Argenta 2-Spot White & Colour aluminium And the

Philips Hue Argenta 3-Spot White & Colour aluminium

I have multiple of the sets but homey adds them an an unkown zigbee decice.

Product id: 5062248P7


Hi @Jordi_Andriessen :smiley:
This is the correct thread for requesting new devices to be added to the Philips Hue Zigbee app: [APP] Philips Hue Zigbee
Or if you like you can also create an issue in the github for the app…

Hi @johan_bendz,

Thanks i will make my request there!