Philips Hue tap Switch


Does anybody try " Philips Hue tap Switch" with Homey? I’ve just added it to Homey. It is working with Phillips Hue Bridge but Homey is not reacting on buttons pushes.


Works fine here. Have you assigned your buttons in de philips hue app. Not the hue app from homey. In one case that was the solution for me

Who is working in your configuration? I see you configure Hue Bridge and it’s working. I need to catch pushes on my Homey and start flows, but not change Hue lights.

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same problem here!

Works fine here. Did you add the tap and the Hue lights as a device on Homey?
Then you can start a flow with the Hue tap card, where you select the pushed button.

As I’ve written in the topic I’ve added switch as device to Homey.

Do not know what your problem is. I added the switch with the hue app in homey. I use the bridge. In the app from philips I configured the buttons. In homey when I long press the device it states that the device can not be controlled. When I make a flow that if I push buttom 1 then a notification must be made that works.

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