Hue motion sensor - no lux value

I’ve just bought a Philips Hue motion sensor. I use it without a bridge, directly connected to homey.

One of the reasons for buying this sensor is the lux value. But this value stays at 1 all the time. Can anybody confirm it is changing at his/her setup? Or confirm it is not.


It is a known issue since before 2.0. See . The motion sensor connected to Homey without the bridge is not really working. But report it to Athom!

But, some of my Hue motion sensors are reporting lux values, those few hours when they are working, but it’s not stable at all.

Thanks for the info, I missed that… Too bad. Does anybody know a good alternative to get a reliable lux reading?

I just read this topic and think I will try a neo coolcam V2. Same price range and should report without motion

The Lux values correctly update (once every 5 seconds?) when using the Hue Bridge.

But I do not want to buy a Hue bridge just to use a motion sensor. I believe one of the strong points from homey is not to need the bridges for all brands. And when i do not use a bridge the Hue bulbs make a nice Zigbee mesh for other sensors (xiaomi a.o.) as well.

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As mentionedearlier in this thread, report it to athom, the more reports the quicker thy will solve

Just reported it @ Athom

I’m using the Neo Coolcam V2 for a while now and works like a charm. Reporting every 10 minutes. And that’s good enough for me

Just to be sure. Searched for Neo Coolcam V2, and gets some different devices up. Can you give an example with a link, where to buy?

I bought it here:

Only thing I noted that the zwave range is not really big. And I only use zigbee for the rest of my stuff. But as the sensor is in the same room as homey it is very stable. Just keep that in mind, unless you have some other zwave devices to form a mesh network.

Still no solution for this problem… I also don’t want to buy a hue bridge… but I have already the Hue outdoor sensor… :tired_face:

Thanks for the “update” Did not upgrade to 2.0 yet because I have several hue motion sensors (lux working fine before v2.0).
Means I need to stay there a little longer…

My Philips Hue Motion detectors work, in the main. Occassionally, I have to reset one or two, but I think it has something to do with the batteries. One day 100%. the next 0%. I replace the batteries, reset it and then it works again. I have 6 of them. All report Lux and temperature, too. And without the Bridge, using latest Philips Hue ZigBee.