Lux sensor with continuous reporting


I’m currently experimenting with the Xiaomi Aqara motion sensor. This has a build-in lux sensor which I tried to use for making the lights go on/off based on the lux-value. I noticed the lux-value is only reported to Homey when there is motion detected. I actually need a sensor which also report lux-value even if there is no movement.

I’ve got my eye on the Neo Coolcam but I can’t find if this is also only reporting on motion or if it’s reporting every x minutes or so. Can anyone confirm?

Neo coolcam v1 and v2 only update lux when there is motion. This is very obvious since it would otherwise drain their batteries

Check. But do you by chance know any sensor which would do such a thing? It doesn’t need to be a battery powered device per se.

Pretty sure that my Philips hue motion sensors reports LUX/Temp changes with out motion.

Ill double check for you.

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I have neo coolcam v2, I get lux and temp update when there is no motion.

Have some V2. They send, when configured in advanced Settings, the Values on every WakeUp and Motion and not only on Motion.

My Aeotec Multisensor 6 sensors update lux values without any motion. Even better, if powered via USB then I can get them updating values instant even if 1lux change in luminance.


But that’s still not realtime :wink:

Yupp, you are right. An powered Aeotec can do this.

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Checked the specs of the Aeotec sensor and on the website there indeed saying “MultiSensor 6 will be able to run in an advanced mode, providing temperature, humidity and light readings in real-time.”
So it looks like that’s a good candidate…

Yes, but my neo coolcam is in the corner of my living room it is a little bit dark, I set de update lux = 3 and temp = 0.1 degrees I used now for almost 5 months and de battery is 87%
On the lux I put the lights on and off in the living room and it works very wel.
What is realtime if it is works what you want.

I doesn’t need to be realtime per se, once per x minutes will be enough for what I have in mind right now.
The main thing is that it needs to report lux also when there is no movement. (Realtime might be a nice touch though).

I think you want a update when de lux is changed, I don’t want a update when de lux is changed, but there is a parameter when the lux is not changed then send the lux value on x time (sec or min) to homey.

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I don’t want a update when de lux is NOT changed

As told here before, the Philips hue motion sensors can report it without motion and in the settings you can configure how often they should report.

I have neo coolcam v2, I make a mistake when I write it down, I forget the NOT. see the post before my last post.

How/where do you set the report interval?

If you need it for putting some lights on, the Neo does his job.

I am using the hue motion sesnors for lux measurements.
When lux is below a certain level lights go on.
Works fine.
You can even set a minimal and maximal reporting period in the sensors settings

Flow example and sensor settings (hue sensor directly to lonked homey not via hue bridge)
Lights on by lux (evening).
When: lux changed
AND: lux measurement lower then better logic constant
AND: light not already on (prevents to trigger the flow when the lights are on alread)
Lights on in the morning
When: a certain time (I trigger a virtual device at a fixed time)
AND: lux value is lower the better logic constant

Lights off by lux (morning).
When: lux changed
AND: lux measurement larger then better logic constant+offset (the offset prevents the light to switch on again right after switching of)
Lux value is dependend on a virtual device setting “schoonmaak” when the cleaning lady is in, the lights stay on longer (larger offset)
Settings for the sensor (PS: (ms) should be (sec), thats a typo by athom)