Philips Hue Motion Sensor update interval

I have four Philips Hue Motion Sensors and three of them I want to use for the Lux values, one is fully operating via Hue as real motion sensor and no other purpose. I have connected them all via the hue bridge.

With some testing I have noticed that the values are updated every 5 minutes in Homey (see BTW 1 below how I tested it). For what I want, that interval is way too long (see BTW 2 below what I want). It does not have to be every second, but every minute would be great. Is there a way to change the interval it does read new values?

I have seen other posts where it is said it does updates every 5 seconds. Not sure how, but that would be great too if the Homey does accept it.

I have also seen a post that the interval can be changed in a settings menu (Philips hue motion interval question).
If I look in the sensor settings menu, I can only change the name and the room where it is in.
In the Philips hue app settings I can set it on or off and set the automatic update on or off, but no other settings.

In the Philips hue app I cannot find anything either.

So is there a way anyhow to change the intervals?

BTW 1: I have tested it with IF Lux does change THEN send notification with Lux value and also IF Every minute THEN send notication with Lux value. The first one sent a notifcation exactly each 5 minutes, the second one sent every minute a notification of course, but 5 times the same value.

BTW 2: I do want to use it to turn on the lights on when it is getting dark mid day (bad weather) and off when it is getting light again, and I want to use it to lower the screens when the sun is shining and up when the sun is not shining. And both should not be based on a single measurement where perhaps one cloud was in front of the sun, or there was one opening in the clouds. I want them to react when it is dark of light for 10 minutes, and two measurements is not enough. I do have found out how to do these with timers or averages, with lux changes as triggers or my own interval readings, but in all cases I do need more measurements than once per 5 minutes.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately it is the hue motion sensor that reports at that interval if I remember correctly when there is no motion. The insight graphs appears to also report at that interval same as the temperature.

For this, I actually got the aqara/xiaomi light sensor. It reports more frequently.

For 2, I set mine via the hue bridge with ICONNECTHUE app on iphone. It allows triggering based on how dark and I never had to use homey for this.

Thanks viix. It’s indeed unfortunate that I can’t change the interval.

I have android, so no IConnectHue. But even if I had, it probably would not help with the screens. And besides that, I bought the homey to have one central point for flows and not use several apps (well, I had hue before the homey, so some easy light flows are still in hue).

If I knew up front that Hue only sends an update very 5 mins, I would not have bought 4 sensors as 3 of them were meant to only be used for lux. What a pity.

On Android there is the All 4 Hue app. I have not set up any flows, but it does split the motion sensors into three different parts (motion, light and temperature) which can be used on its own. So probably turning the lights on when it is dark (and not yet sunset) is possible in this app, independent on motion. But I have checked the values, and also there the interval is 5 minutes. So it would not add anything to what the Homey is capable of doing, even more the Homey flows can take care of more than only lights. So does not add anything for me.

I guess I have to live with the situation where clouds will play a role in the flows, unfortunately. Or measure for a longer period of time to flatten out the spikes (up or down) of gaps in the clouds or a single cloud in a blue sky. And if I am very unlucky, there are more than one of those spikes right on the moment it does measure the values … :wink:.