Measuring lux from a Hue motion sensor


I am new at this forum, just installed my Homey and busy finding out the possibilities. I have one question: I have made a flow in where the hue sensor light value is below 100 the lights have to switch on. ( and a flow for the opposite ). This works but… Its takes around 2-3 minutes before the lights are switched on ( when i cover the sensor completely ) and it takes around 6 minutes to switch off again when the sensor has full daylight. I would like to have the action immediately. Is the normal?
Thxs, Best regards, Jack

Can you share both flows so we can have a look at it. In my own case it works almost instantly, so it is solvable. Be aware, it is a motion sensor, so it reacts on a situation when motion is detected and will not react on only lux changing

How do i share a flow?

The hue sensor update the status every 5 minutes (sorry for my bad english)

With the Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor (Philips Hue, without the bridge app) I can set the measurement interval. However, I do not know if this is also possible with your sensor.

When the sensor reports every 5 minutes, should switching On and Off both be the same time?
Can one set the measurement interval? There are two possibilities, Minimum report interval ( is set to 1 ) on the sensor and Maximum report interval ( is set to 60 ). I am using “Philips hue without the bridge” and a hue motion sensor. The settings appear to be stored but the switching takes time.

I will attempt to blind the sensor and see whether i takes 5 minutes for ON and OFF, ( without moving the sensor, so without motion detected)

Situation is the same, after “blinding” the sensor it take 1-2 minutes to switch ON. It takes 5 minutes to switch Off.

I have the same behavior, but this is not a problem for me.

These are the settings of the outdoor sensor:

I don’t know how big the change must be before the lux value is reported.

And this is the interval of the measurement of lux:

Maybe you can find an answer or ask the developer in the relevant thread.

Just for information.

On top: Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor
Below: Xiaomi Light Sensor

The sensors are installed in two different positions. This is one of the reasons for the different values.

Thanks, very interesting, indeed de Philips “polls” every 5 minutes, while the Xiaomi seems te poll every minute. Altering intervals changes the setting in the App, but do not alter the behavior.

The Xiaomi device is an actual light sensor, its whole purpose is to report the light level. The Hue device is a motion sensor with built-in light sensor, but that sensor is secondary. Xiaomi motion sensors also have a light sensor built-in, but those report only when motion is detected as well.

So if you’re looking for semi-realtime light level information, buy a dedicated light sensor.


Xiaomi light sensor I changed to fibaro motion sensor

I have a Philips hue motion sensor connected directly to Homey, and I can change the min report interval up to 1 sec.

I can change the interval also to 1 sec, but it does not change the behavior

The Xiaomi polls much often than 1 minute. It seems like as it polls life.
I’m not sure if the statement from @robertklep is in generally correct, because the polling from a Fibaro (see screenshot from @apps) or NEO Coolcam is significantly faster, although they are primarily motion sensors. The polling interval of these motion sensors depends on the settings.

Thanks for sharing all the (new) insights. Since I cannot change the behavior of the Hue (motion) light sensor, I think its best to buy a dedicated light sensor! It would have been nice if the Hue sensor actually accepted changes in the setting ( to make it faster polling ). Great help! Jack.

@johan_bendz, is there a possibility to increase the polling interval of the Hue Motion Sensor? The settings „Min./Max report interval for lux“ seems not to work correctly.
With settings „Min. = 1 s“ and „Max. = 60 s“ seems to have no influence of the polling interval. The polling interval seems to stay at approx. 5 Minutes.