Measuring lux from a Hue motion sensor

Hmm, looks like the motion sensor does indeed report to Homey according to the value set but the sensor itself does not update the value more often then ever 5 minutes. I’ll have a look at it. May I suggest changing to the occupancy driver instead. It works flawless for me.

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Hello Johan, Could you tell me, how to "change to the occupancy driver? Or is this another sensor

You have to delete and add the sensor again and choose “Occupancy Sensor”.

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This works great. One thing, the battery status is no longer available in this setup

IF sensor does not update anymore
THEN change battery

Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself :wink:

The sensor is new

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Sorry I was speaking IF THEN “flow” style.
What a meant was, if the sensor does not report battery level with this app, you can solve it with this flow:
Sensor X did not update lux value during the last 12 hours
THEN send notification to owner: Change battery of Sensor X

Thanks for your feedback, it’s on my todo list to check why that is not working.