Philips hue motion sensor interval question


Can any one tell me how to use the min and max report interval for motion as seen in the motion sensor “instellingen” /“settings” ?
Does the min report interval mean : the min amount of seconds between two motions before a report is send to homey ?
If so, what does the max report interval the do ?
Anyway some clarification would be nice.

Thanks !

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I have posted the same question some time agoo, no answer yet.
Have been playing with the settings but could not link it to a change in behaviour.
The settings are in ms which is extremely short.

So indeed please help…

same problem here. I use a Philips Hue motion sensor for the lights at the front door (inside).
When there is no motion in 2 minutes, the lights switch should off.
When there is continues motion, the lights should stay on. I made therefore 3 flows: the first switch on the lights, and turn the hourglass (Countdown app). The 2nd flow should turn the hourglas (i guess it resers the countdown) at a new motion detection. The 3th says: when the hourglas is empty, turn off the lights.
Sounds good to me, but the Hue motion detector dousn’t send a command to Homey, until there was no detection for, i guess, about 1 minute at least.
Can we solve this, or is there a other motion detector that works better?


1check out the settings of your hue motion detector. (Open devices in the app)
You can change sveral settings (min time interval, max time interval, etc)

2 chekc out the timer app!
It has all functionality in one device: countdown, dimmer etc