Motion sensor sensitivity

Does anyone know of different sensitivity between motion sensors or PIRs?
I have a hacked Aqara Human Body Sensor but sometimes motion that passes to fast or to far away (6 á 7 meter) away is not seen.
I want to detect both sensitive (in distance and speed) and short interval (some seconds) movements.

To be more precise, preferred battery powered. The above Zigbee works, z-wave probably also would. Wifi could but i expect that eats batterys…

Nee more specs, Geurt. Angle of sensitivity, ambient operating parameters (temperatures, water), do you need pet-insensitivity, etc. etc.

Do you really need a PIR? Or would an IR gate work too? I guess you want Homey support, but do you need something COTS or would a DIY build be acceptable?

The philips hue sensors have setting for motion sensitivity.
At least via the hue hub.
Dont know if it is also supported directly via homey.

Its zigbee (duh) and batterij powered

While writing this, I did not test if this setting actually affects the sending of motion signals to to homey.
It could be that the sensor sends all trigeers to the hub and the hub forwards them all to homey. While the sensitivity setting is only working for “flows” created in the hue app running. On the hub…
(So this answer is not much help?)

If it did make you interested I can test if the sensitity actaully affects my homey flows…
Let me know

It is about measuring the number of people passing by, I live along a hicking trail.
My girlfriend found it busy on the path behind it. (In corona time)

So I placed a motion sensor on our fence and let homey count per hour and per day. The sensor is outside and does not have to scan extra wide or high angle. Just approx 6 meters from the sensor. Better not an IR gate, I don’t want to place a reflector on the other side.

For better counting I hacked the xianomi sensor to have a blindtime of only 5 seconds. Often it counts two ppl or a group of more ppl as 1. Thats fine for me but sometimes it missed ppl just on the other side of the path or bikers that pass to fast I guess. I like to tinker like the 5s hack above or modify a device to optimize it for my needs.

@FKey what is it the outdoor sensor or the indoor sensor and what blind time does it have?
Would be nice if that sensor can be used direct without hue bridge.

Fyi these are the daily measured movements the past 7 days (count ~ 2 to 3 times people)

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I have both the oudoor and the indooe, both have this setting

Unfortunaletely Athom still has not fixed the bug in the hue app. So insight does not show motion triggers :slightly_frowning_face:
But I do have an app I really like that does give me someinsight.
You might reconize the app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is conneted via a hue hub.

I had the motion sensors connected via directly via homey before.
Advantage: you can even set the min intervals for motion, see my screenshot in this post
Disadvantage: because of the zigbee rewrite issue the motion sensors sometimes completely fail to respond for hours…

Nope see the disadvantage, will be killing for your application

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