Philips Hue Motion timer problem - Homey Pro 23 - Homey v10.0.0-rc.65

Hello there you lovely people.
I’m having a brain fart here, and hope you guys can help.
Im trying to do a simple flow where a Hue Motion turn on some lamps and then wait a while before they turn off, they work the first time, but then for some reason the light turns off instantly after the first run.
What am I doing wrong?

Flow 1: Motion alarm activated - Turn on all lamps
Flow 2: Motion alarm deactivated - wait 10min - turn off all lamps

Thank you:)

This wil not work. An motion sensor is not continuous triggered when you are in the room. You can better install a timer app (countdown or chronograph for example) and use that.

Example in that case:

  1. When motion, turn lamp on and (re)start timer at x minutes
  2. When timer is empty, turn lamp off.

1a. When motion and lamp off, turn lamp on and (re) start timer ar x minutes
1b …. And lamp on, just (re) start timer.
2. When timer empty and lamp on, turn off

1a. When motion and Lux is Lower than xxx and lamp off then….
1b. When motion and Lamp on, then just (re)start timer at x minutes.
2… when timer empty and no movement and lamp on, turn off or ‘dim’ in x seconds to 0%

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Here you have some nice ‘template’ flows, which you can import and adjust to your needs