Hue and homey refresh rate

Hi all,

I’m new to homey. I’ve set up my homey combined with Philips Hue. Almost all flows are working great. However, some flows don’t. It seems like it takes some time for homey to register that Hue is turning lights off or on. For example, I’ve created two flows for homey, to switch off the lights in a room 45 minutes after they’ve been switched on between 07:00 and 18:00.

Flow 1: when ceiling light is switched on, and time is between 07:00 and 18:00, stop timer x, after 1 minute start timer x.

Flow 2: when timer x has reached zero, switch off all the lights in the room.

Whenever I switch off the lights, and put them on again, it doesn’t reset the counter. Even with a delay of one minute.

Anyone any ideas?

Can you please share you Flows as a screenshot.

Flow 1 will only fire when u switch the light on with Homey, not with a physical switch.
When switched on with a physical switch Homey doesn’t know.

Tnx for the respons. Is there a way around this to make sure homey does know. Maybe use a different switch on the original one. I’ve already got a “friends off hue” switch in Busch and jaeger style, but this doesn’t work with homey (yet).

A way around this would be to find another trigger. Can u explain why u would want to let the lights be on for like 45 minutes?
Maybe a motion sensor in the room can do another trigger for u. Lights can go off then after a certain amount of time after last movement. Or can just start the timer if u like.

I’ve already got several motion sensors in our house, but these sensors are useless in a bedroom as you don’t want to trigger the sensor in the middle of the night. To save energy and not frustrate my girlfriend to much I set the time limit to 45 min, but this could be anything. Would a fibaro pulsdimmer work maybe? Or any other idea’s?

Even a KaKu switch would work. As long as it talks with Homey ur good to go. Best not use dimmers to control Hue lights though!
Hue works the best when powered 24/7.