LIghts on with Hue motion Sensor

Hi all,

I strugle with the following flow.
I made a flow that if the motion sensor in out living room reaches 700lummen homey ask if he can turn on the lights.
But… Homey keeps asking the same question over and over again, cant seem to find the solution.
I want Homey to stop asking, when i said its oke.

Could use some help :slight_smile:

The flow is build as followed:

Wel it does what your flow is asking :wink:

everytime its changing and its below the 700 its asking you to turn the lights on. a few option possible but het easiest way… put a extra card in the and colum “lights woonkamer are off” then the flow only would do his thing when the lights are off and dont ask you again when the sensor chancing.

what do you mean exactly?
Cause in the “And” collum i cant put the card from the hue app.

Or i’m missing something

note that iam using the app with the bridge, to set the card that the lights are off “ff vinkie aanzetten”

Nice, going to try.

Thnx for so far.

Don’t use the Hue app card, but select a specific device card from your list (probably a little below the Hue card, scroll down).

To bad, when i put al mine hue device in the “and” collum and say, its on.
Than still homey ask if he should turn on the light :frowning:

card “lights are off”


and you only have to use a card from one hue lamp (wich is part off the scene).

Zo dus?

jup, should work now

Looks like it.
Flow is actived again, almost 10min ago. And so far Homey did’nt ask the question again.

Fingers crossed.

Thnx guys.

So what if you are not home?
Homey will keep crying for attention for 3 hours…

I use virtual devices to control my flows. (Betterlogic variabels can do the same)

1 create a virtual device that represents the status “ask for light “ On/Off

2 add that device “On” in your AND column and remove the hue lamp and the timeslot.

3 also add that device to the THEN column and switch it off

4 now you can create flows to control you virtual device:
Switch it on at 17:00, switch it off at 20:00. Switch it off when no you people present in the house. Etc.

The advantage is that you can now also easily change the times: weekday on at 17:00, weekends on at 16:00 just add a different flow to set the virtual device…

Hope its usefull for you

Hi @FKey ,

Maybe a silly question. But is it possible that you can make a visual example?

The current flow i made stopped working yesterday, and keeps asking if homey should turn on the lights :frowning:

Personally, and i think everyone does. The first thing you make sure of, that you have a good setup with the home/away detection.

When you have that under control, you can use that for example in the “and” colum.

So sensor detected… and person(s) at home then do this.

I agree. But since the away and home detection from Homey suck haha, that really isnt a option.
Smart pressence isnt flawless also

image image Hi Patrick,
Here the visual examples. Not exactly the flow you want to build. But I hope it gets you going
1st you need the virtual devices App.
I created several devices type “button” that I use to store timed trigger. (Marked blue”opstaan”)
And a device type “switch” for “keuken” status

Next I created a flow that activates the virtual divice (press the button)image

The triggering of that device set off several flows. Here’s one of them switching on the other virtual device “keuken” (yellow)image

And finally the flow that uses the virtual divice in both the “And” and the “then” column. To prevent the flow from running all the time

“since the away and home detection from Homey suck”
If you have a regular life you can replace presence by a virtual device that is set based on times you leave.
I personally use a trigger that my alarm sends out. If the alarm is on I am not downstrairs (out / in bed)