Stand alone light sensor

Hi there,

Who knows a good, stand alone, light sensor.
I have an io light sensor from Somfy, but Homey can’t read the amount of lux.
(Although my Tahoma box can!)
So now i’m searching for a light sensor that gives constant readings instead of, for instance like most sensors that have to be triggerd by motion before they give a reading.

An usb powered Aeotec Multisensor 6

Not entirely true, since the majority report their values at 3 moments:

  1. If the specified change threshold for a value is met
  2. if the specified standard report interval has past
  3. if an alarm (motion, tamper) has been triggered (but that is not standard for all devices)

But if you indeed want real realtime measurements, then the multi 6 would be the best choice, just like @Rocodamelshekima says.

Or the aeotec trisensor. Which has movement, lux and temperature. All three independent from each other.

The hue motion sensors
(They also have one for outside now)
For these you can set the report interval via homey in the device settings. (One of the options @PetervdK me tioned)

This really helps.

Are you sure the outdoor really reports LUX values? I do understand it uses it for determining the day/night status, but does it separately report it as a value?

I ordered one.
So, we’ll find out!

Which one??
Ow ,wait. The Hue aye?

It does.

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I do not have an outdoor sensor, so not 100% sure.
But another post in this forum status its available:

I do have the hue indoor motion sensors, they nicely trigger on lux only.

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I have a hue outdoor motion sensor and it really reports lux values. I can confirm :smirk:

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I got it today .
But, after it is added in my Homey i get readings ones.
The sensor lights up every now and then, but nothing happens.
No triggers after adding.

Edit: after several deinstallations and reinstallations it works.
But, after hanging it outside above my backdoor my Homey sometimes can’t reach the sensor anymore.
If this happens then after some time (hours mostly) suddenly Homey sees my sensor again.
Is this the already known Zigbee problem, although the sensor works with another app?


It seems that after a while without changes (no temperature or light differences or movement) Homey doesn’t see the outdoor sensor anymore.
After 3 days experimenting I bought a second one from another seller and this one also disconnects from Homey.
Even putting the sensor next to Homey after installation
Homey does not see the sensor after a some time in the dark.

Any suggestions?

I am a little confused by your posts:

Problem is with the homey native hue app, so sensor not connected to hue bridge

Other app? Do you refer to the app that uses the hue bridge?

This would only be usefull when the sensor is not connected via the bridge, but directly to homey

So canyou clarify:
How did you connect the sensor?
Directly to homey? Or via the Hue?

The issue with the sensor connected directly to Hue won’t be fixed until zigbee rewrite, see

Hello FKey,
Yes, i connected my sensors direct to Homey.
With the ‘other app’ I meant an app from the Homey store.
Because Homey itself didn’t know the sensor.