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How accurate is the lux value of hue motion sensor?

Hi guys,

I like to automate my lights a bit more and Im looking for a good lux sensor. Im using all xiaomi motion sensors with lux sensor, but the value is not accurate at all and not relaible.

Im wondering, is the Philips hue motion sensor more accurate?

I couldn’t help you with the Philips Hue sensor, but I can confirm that all of the xiaomi lux values are only so-so.
Having several motion sensors and several plant monitors in the same room, I can confirm the values are all over the place.
I would use them indicatively…

I have three Hue sensors in my living room and no complaints. When I received a new Aeotec multisensor I tested it side by side with a Hue sensor. There was only a small difference in lux values between them. More important the values increased and decreased with same rate. The Hue sensors also don’t show spikes during the day

Also using motion sensor from Hue.
Have to say that the motion sensors from Hue a pretty accurate.
Using them now when the sensor reaches a certain amouny of light, then he switch on the lights in our living room.

The biggest difference between the Xiaomi Human Body sensor and others is that the Xiaomi only reports luminance at a detected motion, not at an interval or threshold so the usability is limited compaired to other sensors that report luminance.

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Thanks guys! Will try one of them! What about the temp value? Is that accurate?

I have 6 Ecobee temp sensors (+the unit) on the ground floor all reporting between 17.4c -> 17.8c, and one Hue sensor reporting 17.74c

How accurate are you looking for them to be?

I have the hue and xiaomi sensors.
The hue LUX sensor is pretty ok, good enough for triggering events but u can’t compare it to a true lux meter reading. I prefer the HUE to trigger lux based events as the Xiaomi only updates on motion.
The sensitivity of the lux reading is also better on the hue. the xiaomi cannot discern if my table lamp was on or not in a room vs the hue…

Temperature wise, the aqara atmos sensor is pretty good. in fact consistent across the 5 sensors i have. The hue though, aren’t. Of the 3 hue I have, 2 are pretty close to the AQARA (they report 1 degree lower but deviations seems consistent) but I have another that is off by 3-5 which kinda sucks…

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Thanks for all te replies guys. I bought a hue motion sensor and will try it as soon as I have some time to see if it’s better for lux than the xiaomi and aeotec multisensor 6 wich was very bad.