Outdoor Lux sensor

Any one has a suggestion for an outdoor Lux sensor (light sensor)?
I am using currently the trisensor aeotec motion sensor for indoor but i am looiking for an outdoor lux sensor.
Motion sensor is not necesary but it has to be battery operated and based on zigbee or Zwave.

Kind regards

I use a Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor outside. But I placed it under the roof that protrudes a bit. So it doesn’t really get wet. Still working after one year. It has an IPX3 rating.

Maybe you can also put it behind the window inside?

Using the philips hue outdoor motion sensor.
No motion is needed to get lux value updates

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Also use the Xiaomi Light Sensor, placed it inside behind the
Window, looking outside, for longer live of the battery and less humidity than outdoor.

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Works great :+1:

Also use 2 Xiaomi Mi Light sensor outside. They are just a little bit roofed. Booth working since more than a year without changing the battery.

Here also the Xiaomi Mi Light sensor placed inside behind the window.
Works great.

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Does this motion/lux sensor of Hue works on the Hue app made by Athom? I can’t find it in the list.

Both the hue indoor and outdoor work via the hue app of athom. And also on the app without the bridge

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