Lux sensor


Probably a stupid question since i’m relatively new to Homey but I’m looking for a lux sensor to trigger the light go on or off inside my house. I have bought the Aqara T1 light sensor 2023, but it won’t connect with my homey bridge.

I am only finding lux sensors in combination with motion, but i don’t need the motion for now.

Anyone any ideas?

For now I have the homey bridge, but i hope to recieve the homey pro soon. Is this sensor connectable with the homey pro 2023? Because I thought that the Mi Light app is still in SDK2?

Recommended indeed: I have been using 5 of these (lumi.sen_ill.mgl01) with the Aqara app for over a year, and have had no issues at all (HP23 now). Control of lights and screens depends on them, and they update reliably up to every 10s.

Thank you for your reactions! I ordered 2 of them!

I recently bought the aqara light sensor T1 but I can’t seem to get it paired in HP23. It has been added as an unknown (and useless) device since it can’t seem to find an appropiate app. I installed the aqara app v1.7.1
What do I do wrong here? Anyone?

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Explained here