Homey newb needs help!

Hi there! I jusy bought homey pro 2023. Have the following smart home units.
Smart Life door camera.
Xiaomi imilab outdoor camera.
Xiaomi honeywell fire alarms
Xiaomi hub
Aqara sensors (connected ok) and aqara camera hub
Complete yeelight pro lighting system (hub has matter)
Mideasmarthome aircondition system.
Samsung dryer and washer SmartThings (connected already)
How do i connect these items to homey?

Try to find the apps for your homey pro on this website, or install them directly from within the Homey Phone app.


I have installed the respective apps. However most things do not work, im pretty disappointed in the homeys compatibility…
Xiaomi does not work, Huawei does not work

After installing the apps, you need to setup and configure the devices, then you will be able to create flows with it. Since your post isn’t really clear on what it is that isn’t working it’s a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what you need some help with.

For example, the Awara sensors, I have many of them, and they work perfectly. Install the app, go to Devices, add a device, select Aqara, and go through all the steps to connect (while the sensor is located close to Homey). After that, the device will show up in the Devices and show results (for example temperature, motion detection etc). After this is all working you can go to the flow tab and create a flow, for example: When motion is detected, turn on lights etc.

If you can give some more detailed information about the issues that you have, the community can help you find a solution quicker.


No one can help if the information you give is “does not work”, you really need to give more info.

ie: For the Xiaomi gateway, you need to install the right app and then install/connect the right device.
When you go to the link i provided and you search for “Xiaomi” you get several apps with different devices and smarthome protocols (zigbee, wifi, bluetooth etc.)

Check if the app you are going to install has support for your device. Only then you can make it work.
After installing the app you can add the device in the Homey app.

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When they support the ONVIF protocol, use the Onvif app

Can you make some effort to tell us what you did and try, and what you mean by “does not work”.
Like, when I press the On button on my remote without batteries, it does not work. Which does not mean it is broken, it is a user error.

Huawei was not in your opening post?

The aqara sensors i can add easy direct in Homey with aqara app. But cannot add the camera hub.6
Worse with Xiaomi , i need some tokens which cannot be found in my Xiaomi app.
I only have Xiaomi fire alarms and cameras (imilab)

Huawei i try using the app and select web and put in my password and username and choose correct region. But does not work when using the web login in app i get the entered credintials are not correct even though they are!

You have to extract the tokens from the xiaomi devices with a separate method, search for the forum thread here and read the first post it’s all explained there. Same for the most questions new people ask here, search the forum and 99% is already answered👍🏻

Most apps have an own topic among other ways of support.
It’s all mentioned on the app pages:

I got the Huawei to connect, but it does not show my batteri.

But how to connect my Xiaomi Honeywell BLE smoke detectors? normally they connect to a xiaomi ble hub, but they cant be seen with the homey?

Imilab cameras is the same, i think they are not supported,

is the common to add the whole xiaomi hub, or add the indiviudal components to homey?