Unable to connect motion sensor

Hey there,

My father and I got our Homey Pro and we’ve succesfully connected our lights, TV and most devices.
However, my dad also bought a motion sensor off of Aliexpress, which I can’t seem to connect to the Homey.

I figured to install the Tuya and Tuya Zigbee apps on the Homey to see if it recognizes the motion sensor, but unfortunately it does not work. My dad is sure that we should be able to connect it, however I personally think we’re just out of luck.
Here’s a picture of the sensor, it seems to be some sort of generic brand thing.

If anyone could help us out a tad bit that would be great!
Thanks in advance!

I used to have the same sensors. You probably won’t have a chance. I couldn’t pair the sensors in Homey or Home Assistant.
I could only register them with a Tuya Bridge. In the end, I threw them away.

Ah yea I was afraid of that myself too.
Thanks for confirming my thoughts :smile:

I’ve one piece and works with HA zigbee2mqtt :grimacing:

I’ve read Tuya zigbee is some piece of work, they don’t follow (even their own) standards. Seems they don’t want it to be used on other platforms.

I’m very pleased with Aqara stuff.

Too bad you did, they work fine with z2m:

Not bad, I had been given the motion detectors as a gift because a friend couldn’t get them to work either. My attempt at the time was via HA/deConz. They were not found here.