Aqara door sensors help

Hi all, I’m new to Homey. I connected my Hue hub, which works fine, and wanted to use my new aqara door sensors which just came in the mail.

I used this forum a lot to read about the possibilities with Aqara, but I seem a bit lost with troubleshooting and fixing issues… I decided to keep my Hue network, and set up a separate (2nd) zigbee mesh for smart plugs and sensors. These 2 door sensors are the 1st I got in.

I used the Aqara app to connect 2 sensors directly to Homey. That worked perfectly. I made a few flows to check their function (let the led ring light up on open or close). That also worked.
I did this in my office upstairs, with the Homey and the sensors on the desk. Then I unplugged my Homey, moved downstairs and plugged it in in the kitchen, and put the sensors next to it again. Now it won’t recognize the sensors anymore. I read that zigbee may need time to heal, but it has been over half an hour, and they still do not respond. They are literally next to the Homey, so distance is not an issue. One is permanently on ‘on’, and the other on ‘off’ in the list of devices.

Is it common that they don’t reconnect after a restart? How do I fix this? Or even better: how do I prevent it? According to what I read you don’t need a Xiaomi or Aqara hub, so I decided not to get one. Would the connection be better if I did get one though? Assuming I can add Osram Smart+ plugs to it as well of course to function as routers later…

The solution I’m looking for is probably really simple, but right now I cant see the trees through the forest… Your help is appreciated!

When I unplugged my Homey, or did a reboot they connected as normal. So I think it’s a one time thing. If you have the sensors next to your Homey I assume you didn’t install them yet. Try rebooting the Homey again and wait. Then try to trigger the sensor in order to get a respons.
If you don’t you always can delete them and add them back to Homey.