Aqara & Xiaomi zigbee

Hi all,

I recently switched from a 2016 Homey to SmartThings but after a few months I missed a lot of options Homey offered over SmartThings. I bought a Homey Pro 2023 which is working fine except for my Aqara and Xiaomi zigbee devices (some switches, door contacts and motion sensors). These keep disconnecting but don’t give an error. When I use the repair function in Homey they immediately work again… for 5 minutes… and then they are again not working. All my Ikea zigbee stuff however is working without problems. The Aqara and Xiaomi devices were working fine for years with both my 2016 Homey and SmartThings. Where to start ? Appreciate the help👍🏻

Unfortunately this seems to be a known issue, see my thread on the topic.

I’ve been in dialogue with support, and suggest you send a ticket describing your issues as well.

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Thanks! Hope Athom can provide a fix soon as these devices always worked perfectly on both previous homey and also on SmartThings (At 1/4 of the cost of homey🫤).

when you look in the developer page, do the devices have network addresses? if not try to interview them. then the will come back to life. see my answer here to do it.

hope this helps

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Hi Robin,

Worth a try, I will try when I get home. Thanks for your help, appreciated!

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Not to steal this thread but in my case I’ve always had network addresses, still no responses after some time.

This might be a different case but the symptoms seem very similar :slight_smile:

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