Aqara Doorsensors stopped working

Hi, I have had 7 Aqara Door and Window sensors working great through Homey for a year now. Yesterday, all of a sudden, they all stopped working. Nothing changed in the physical setup, the Zigbee network setup or any app updates. Other Aqara items like switches still work fine.

I went through the hassle of re-pairing all of the sensors, and they worked for about an hour, and then they stopped again.

Anyone have a similar issue that you may have fixed? Any ideas?

Edit: they all still (technically) function, the blue light shows when I press the button. But nothing happens on Homey’s end.

UPDATE: turns out my IKEA smart bulbs were interfering with the Aqara signal, and I ended up replacing the bulbs with Hue bulbs. Aqara stuff magically started working again once the Zigbee network was updated.

Did you first try a reset of the Aqara app?
Reset Homey? Ptp? (power down for about 12 minutes). Use another powerplug if it is still the original one.
Change batteries?

Changing batteries is a good start. Although it’s odd they’re all out of juice on the same day.
Homey’s battery indicator is not always very realistic, some Aqara’s contact sensors report 100% battery juice day in day out.

Zigbee and wifi operate in the same frequency band;
When nothing has changed on your systems, is your 2.4GHz wifi on a fixed channel, or auto select?
Did a nearby neighbour change / replace their wifi gear?

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Tried all of the above already, no change. Batteries were all replaced a few weeks ago, so they are all pretty new. I’ll try resetting everything again though, just to be sure

I have no way of knowing if a neighbour has changed anything. But it they have, how would I fix my zigbee network? One of the sensors is about 2 meters away from Homey with a direct line of sight, so interference shouldn’t be an issue right?

Try a PTP for only +/- 5 seconds. This helped me, in similar situations. (After a “long” PTP my zigbee devices almost never works. I have to do a “short” PTP afterwards.)

I don’t know what’s the issue yet, so that’s why I question the possible interference.

Measure it :wink:
Wifi analyze tools

  • Android tools: Wifi Analyzer (& Wifi Heatmap)
  • Iphone tool: Network Analyzer Pro ($4,‐) (& Wifi Sweetspots (=heatmap) )

With wifi analyzer, you can see who uses which 2.4GHz channel numbers.
With that info you can change your zigbee channel, or when it’s your own wifi, change your wifi channel.
One issue, the neighbours probably have auto channel enabled, so it’s a losing battle unless you can agree with them who uses which fixed channel number.

That’s an assumption. When a running microwave sits in the direct neighbourhood, it sure can interfere. Of course there’s no microwave nearby (is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but I’m just showing a scenario.


Question, you didn’t added some Ikea tradfri lights but forgot about it? (no offence, just trying to think of any changes)
Ikea lights and Aqara sensors do not match on a Pro 201x (don’t know if that’s still the case on Pro 2023)

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Give it time? It can take hours sometimes.

Isn’t it less destructive to just soft restart it.
I just don’t like PtP’s in general

I am just telling my experience, and a short ptp really worked for me. It also worked (for me) when I couldn’t add a new device.
I do a ptp only when all the other options didn’t work. So far no Homey (pro 2016/2019) ruined jet :sweat_smile:

You lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Just a note: New, stable firmware versions were released yesterday. Both for the HP23, as well as for the older models.

Did you manage to solve this?

I bought two new Aqara door sensors today, I installed them and I am facing exactly the same issue with both of them: I can pair them easily with my HP23, they work for about an hour and then they stop working. With any other device (including Aqara motion sensors) I haven’t had a single issue.

Not yet. I’m testing some batteries at the moment but connection to Homey is spotty at best.

Thanks for your reply.

For me it’s hard to believe that the batteries are the cause as mine are brand new and both devices are having the same issue. Also I don’t think that all your batteries suddenly became low at the same time. And even though the sensors do not give any signal to Homey, pressing the pair-button works fine, which also shows that the batteries are good.

I will write a message in the Aqara-topic soon, hopefully the developer or anyone else has an idea what might cause the issue.

Please don’t mix up the issues with a HP19 (or earlier) and a HP23.
Because @DavidH wrote that his door sensors worked great for a year now, I guess he’s using a HP19 (or earlier), right?

@Colydon, you’re using a HP23. So this behavior is a known problem with the HP23:


However, it makes sense to describe your problems in the Aquara thread.

Yes, I have a HP19.

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The reason I replied to this thread is because the result of the issue David mentioned in his first post is exactly the same as the issue that I experience with the same Aqara-devices.

I was aware of the known Zigbee issue (even though I never experienced any issue with any Zigbee device until now, including various Aqara motion sensors), but it doesn’t seem to apply to the issue I am facing now as they say that devices might not report after one or two days. My Aqara sensors stop functioning within an hour already.

But indeed, I will post a message in the Aqara thread as well.

I don’t really get it why you turn down really good fault searching practice.
Thinking does not help in this case.
Just change batteries for real brand new ones, it’ll cost you 3 minutes of your life, and then you know for sure if the batteries are part of the problems or not.
I write this to help you find the culprit :hugs:

Potato, potato.

Haha, thanks Peter.

You are right. The reason I sad it was that I cannot believe that the batteries in all 7 of topicstarters’ sensors died at the same time. And as I face the same issue, I had the idea that something else might cause the issue.

Additionally, when repairing works fine, to me it feels that the batteries do actually work.

I will replace my batteries and will see if the issue is solved.

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