Aqara Door/Window sensors stop responding after 1-2 hours with HP2023

I’ve tried it all, and previously chalked it up to early access and Zigbee as “known issue” but now when out of early access and on 10.0.0 there is still the same issue (reported months ago, never any response from support).

At least the humidity sensor started to give “some” updates now and then during the last releases but for the magnet sensor it works “perfect” for about 1 hour. Then no updates are registered.

I still see the network address in dev tools, I have tried adding it as a “pure Zigbee” (to be 100% certain it’s not the Aqara app having issues). If I try to repair the connection, it works again like a charm. For 1 hours or so.

Extremely frustrating and I doubt that multiple Aqara sensors have hw-errors out of the box that can be “fixed” by re-pairing.

I have very few end-devices, mostly routers (wall dimmers) but not reached 15 in total. The fact that open/closed are detected accurately and quickly initially I doubt there is an issue with the Zigbee network in general.

I’ve reached out (again) to support to ask whether the previous “known issue with Zigbee” has been resolved now with 10.0.0 but haven’t received an answer.

Any tips, tricks or “yes - same for me” would be much appreciated…

The stupid thing is that for me the door sensors work perfect but the t1 with neutral doesn’t work (it did in an rc a few weeks ago) and the round xiaomi/aqara switches never worked for more than an hour or so and since the latest rc worked perfectly (didn’t even have to repair them or something). So its completely random here. But i must say that the overal zigbee stability is improving quite quickly.

Even though Athom seems to have deleted the “Early Access Status” page after the HP23 officially went on sale yesterday, I’m quite sure it’s still a known bug. After release of the stable firmware v10.0.0, at the same time a new beta firmware v10.0.1-rc.1 was released. So I guess there is still a lot of work to do for Athom.

Please have a look at this thread, because you’re not the only one with this issue:

The only thing you can do in my opinion is to contact the support again and again.
I apologize for the disappointing answer.

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As mentioned by fantross, I experience the same issue.

Just curious to know, are you having any Ikea lights close to the Aqara sensors? Another member on this forum explained that he had the same issue before and he solved that by replacing Ikea lamps to another brand. Today I am testing this in my home: I have turned off all of my Ikea lamps, I re-paired the sensors and indeed they are still functioning, even after a couple of hours. That didn’t happen before.

A little note to make is that my Homey was updated automatically to version 10 last night, and right now I don’t know if that could make any difference. But according to your post, its seems like the issue still persists in this stable version.

Have any other of your zigbee devices stopped working after pairing Aqara devices for you? Asking because I have major issues with my Zigbe devices and are trying to troubleshoot.

I tried to repair all my devices and after 26 routers (dim switches etc) I started to add my end devices (3 Aqara sensors). After that it took around 30mins and all my devices stopped responding and am seeing extreme delays in Zigbee actions.

I haven’t experienced any issues with other zigbee devices after pairing Aqara devices. It’s only the Aqara door sensors that keep losing connection for me.

I have no IKEA lights at all. I have many router zigbee devices (works perfect), the remaining zigbee are Philips Hue stuff, which I run via a Hue bridge and haven’t seen a compelling reason to migrate those directly to the Homey.

The Hue Dimmers are (way) slower when paired through the Homey app and having flows to dim lights are currently so slow that I consider running them through Philips Hue only - but then I can’t use them to run more advanced flows. It’s a frustrating trade-off.

I’m having the same problem. Repairing the devices works, and then I can verify that they are connected by opening and closing the window that they are connected to, but a little while later they stop working. I have some routing zigbee devices nearby, so routing shouldn’t be a problem. I do have a lot of zigbee devices, mostly as part of a hue network, and all other zigbee devices keep working perfectly.

I’m pretty disappointed with how unstable the Homey Pro 2023 is. I realize that it is still early days, but many of the things I want to use it for simply don’t work.

I got a response from Support now that they are still working with the issue and hope to resolve it soon and thus closed the ticket and told me to monitor the change log for future updates.

I also find it strange that the very common sensors that they choose to demonstrate in their app doesn’t work and they launch it fully. I can imagine people buying it (not in early access) having the very reasonable idea that I’d they so exactly what the ad shows it should work - while it doesn’t.

Tested again after updating to 10.0.1, same behaviour. Sensor updates does not get registered after an hour or so.

aaand 10.0.2 which has “improved stability” on Zigbee has the exact same issue. Remove, add again device. Works fine (but only update status when there is a change). And then state stop updating after updating the door after some time.

Is this really happening to everyone with Homey Pro 2023 for Aqara Door/Window sensors?

Haven’t had any issues with Aqara products (door switches, sensors) with the new Homey pro.

It happened to me also. Reported this to Athom about 4 weeks ago. I my case, only the last Aqara device I (re-)added was working. After a few days (no update), the devices came to life suddenly. But they still get unresponsive about 20% of the time, or there are huge delays (30sec). Which is very annoying if you use the Aqara buttons as light switched (worked fine on my HP2016 bytheway).

It also doesnt help that I cannot see the routing with Zigbee devices, so i have no clue if a router is couse problems.

Athom replied they are working on the problem, and stated that the Ikea router bulbs are not an issue in this (I also have these).

WAF dropped to -20 about 4 weeks ago, desperately waiting for a fix.

I haven’t experienced any issues anymore since 2 weeks, but I don’t know why :upside_down_face:

Both of my new Aqara sensors had the same issue. I could repair them, but every time, after about 2 hours, the issue returned. I deleted them, re-added them to Homey as new devices, but again, the issue came back for both devices.

The last time I re-added them to my Homey, I turned off all Zigbee routers (simply turn the power off for every device, mostly Ikea light bulbs) and I kept it like that for the rest of the day. I did not rename the divces; they still have their original names given by the Aqara-app. In the evening I turned on the other Zigbee devices again, and as a miracle, the sensors kept working. And they still do.

The day that I re-added the sensors to my network for the last time also was the day that my Homey was updated to version 10. That means that there are several changes made and I don’t know what made the difference. But as long as it works, I prefer to not touch it anymore :smile:

I have the same issue with other Zigbee devices. It may be another Homey-issue regarding Zigbee stability.

Could you describe your setup in more detail?

Do you have Zigbee router devices (at all)? If so, which?

I’m wondering if I should try to remove all router devices (not easy, they are the dimmers in the wall so no easy “unplug”) and start with end devices (i.e. completely the opposite to what Athom recommend)…

I’m also considering buying an Aqara hub but it would be a waste of money if it turns out Athom do resolve these issues shortly. On a medium-term I’m also looking to have mostly thread-devices from Aqara going forward (for now using my existing thread network until Athom sorts out the thread-situation).

Has anyone gone this route with success?

I am sorry to hear you have so many issues with your zigbee Aqara devices. For me, strangely it seems reading all the problems, the Aqara devices work pretty well with my HP23 with LAN adapter (version 10.0.2, experimental updates switched off, Aqara app 1.7.1). When I migrated from the Homey 2016 early access I had to delete and re-add all my Zigbee devices first before they started to work properly. But for sure you have done that already. I have 31 Zigbee devices of which most are Aqara door sensors, motion sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, mini switches and (Aqara Honeywell) smoke detectors. Furthermore I have several Ikea bulbs, an Ikea Zigbee HUB and an Ikea smart plug. I did the re-adding mostly from the places where the devices would be actually used. There is only one doorsensor not working which probably has to do with the battery.

Could it be interference in your case? Have you checked your WiFi network? Maybe it is an idea to delete them all (reset zigbee) and start adding them one by one and see if the work as supposed. Use as little WiFi devices as possible. I am not sure whether this works in your case but you could try.

I use LAN adapter as well, 10.0.2 etc. I find it strange that it would be some vague WIFI interference that would start after an hour and go away as soon as I remove/add the devices (or repair - I’ve tried both). As mentioned, the devices work “perfect” in response etc after pairing/repairing them for some time, and then drop out

As described above, I’ve also tried adding the devices as generic zigbee devices to rule out any issue with the app.

If you check the Homey Developer Tools, how many devices of type router do you have? Given you have an IKEA Zigbee HUB I guess you connect your IKEA lamps to that and thus not being part of the same.

No problems here with 116 zigbee devices, so i think it has to do with your network. Maybe its a meshing problem? I know its a shitty job to do but you could try to reset you zigbee network and re-add all the devices. I did this when I received my hp23 to be sure that the mesh was ok.

I meant the Ikea Zigbee repeater not the HUB. I have 4 devices that also act as routers, all Ikea.