Aqara Door and Window Sensor can't connect


When I try to pair the Aqara Door and Window Sensor I keep getting the message that there isn’t an app installed for the device, and it adds the sensor as a generic Zigbee device and doesn’t read any of the sensor data. The weird thing is that I already have two other (identical) Aqara Door and Window Sensors that connect and work perfectly.

Does anyone know how I can connect them properly? My Zigbee network has 29 routers and 17 enddevices so it’s is very stable. It all connects to a Homey Pro 2023. I already tried restarting the Homey multiple times. I rather not have to reinstall the Aqara app because I then need to reconnect 10+ devices.

Identical by looks, or really identical? Because it sounds like you have newer modules that just aren’t supported by the app yet.

Could be, they look identical and even the retail box is the same. But the other two I have had for some time (one 2 years and the other six months). So maybe there had been some sort of hardware refresh.

Look here, specifically the Manufacturer and ModelID columns. If they aren’t the same as the existing sensors, they are considered to be different and need a specific driver.

Hey, well - I have the same issue, but it’s due to using the latest version of this sensor. Probably you’ve got lumi.magnet.agl02 which is not supported yet (the same as mine). You can check for this information in device details, “product number” row.

My sensor is the same as yours. We must wait for Aqara to update their app so this sensor is supported then. Does Aqara update their app frequently?

Here same issue, 2 brand new sensors (lumi.magnet.agl02). I hope they update the app soon :roll_eyes:

It looks like they finally updated the app. In the changelog of test version 1.8.0 they specifically say they added support.

Same here.
The old sensor was supported so i bought another one.
The newer one is not supported yet “lumi.magnet.agl02”
Hope for an update soon (?)

Just updated to the test version 1.8.0, and it’s working.

A question guys - as I cant find any support for their G3 Hub - how are you connecting it - directly via Zigbee to the Homey? Or do you have an Homey Bridge?