Aqara devices paires but not recognized

Hi there
I have bought a couple of new aqara sensors. The widow sensor lumi.sensor_magnet.agl2 and water leak sensor lumi.flood.agl2 can be paired with homey Pro 2023 bilutvare not recognized as Aqara devices but unknown Zigbee devices.
Does anybody know if these are new unsupported sensors or what the issue could be?

If they are not recognized they are mostly unsupported.
Or the pairing went wrong.
Read here and search for unsupported and Interview so you can see if it is. And how they can be added to the app.

I have some aqara devices that won’t connect properly when I have my Samsung wall pluggs connected. They simply aren’t compatible. I have to unplug all of them, then pair the aqara devices. I can then reconnect the Samsung plugs. Maybe you have a similar issue?

Thank you, I have only a Philipps wall plug but maybe it causes the problem. Strangely only 2 devices are not recognized, other like the vibration sensor is working fine. I would like to find a list with all device versions that are supported, since I have several window sensors of the same type which are working but are about 1 year old.

If only someone would have made such a list


Thank you. Is this list updated? it dates 5 years back…

Yes, it’s updated, the timestamp is when the post was created, not last updated.

Thank you Robert,
That explains my issue, apparently I have a different version of the aqara sensor which is not supported (yet). I’ll try to find a workaround, maybe I’ll find a useful post.

I just bought the aqara door/window sensor T1 and got the same issue with it just recognizing it as a unknown zigbee device. And with this way i cant make flows with it, or maybe i am just a rookie in the flow section. It only show when sensor is on, or off as a choice in the «when» section.
I have tried making a flow with it turning off lights when it is on, and vice versa. But nothing happens when i close the door, or open it. I can hear the sensor making a weak flic sound when i open the door, so the connection between them is good.

Will it help to get it paired properly?
i do not want to buy the aqara hub to get this working. Any tips is welcome😁

Tip 1, use the search function
Tip 2, install newest app version

I have the newest app installed in homey. But the problem still remains🫣

HP2023 or older? Because, as explained in the app thread, the older Homey’s cannot support these sensors yet.

I am sorry, i am quite new to this. So i struggle to navigate the threads.

I have had the homey since 2019. So to make it simple, i cannot use the sensor i have bought?

I would need a replacement sensor?

I was hoping to make a flow turning the lights on my bathroom on and of with door closing and opening. But maybe i just need to buy fibaro door sensor…

The newer Aqara sensors need a specific change in the Zigbee firmware before they can work with Homey. That change was already done for the new (2023) Homey, for the older Homey’s a new firmware is being worked on (now in beta). So you’ll have to wait until that firmware is released (or allow for experimental updates to be installed, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that) before you can use these sensors.