Aqara China devices

I have 100+ Aqara devices connected to an Aqara M2 hub, mostly light switches, but also some less common ones like LED dimmers, presence sensor, some China-only relays, etc. Of course, my account is bound to Aqara’s China server.

Would I be able to use all these devices in Homey? Thanks!

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Just look the devices up in the official app.

The hub is officially not supported if I remember correctly.

Do yourself a favour and don’t try to connect your Aqara devices directly to Homey! :grimacing:

These Aqara ( Zigbee ) Temperature and Humidity sensors and the Aqara Wireless Mini Switches working great connected to my Homey Aqara app.


Here my directly connected Aqara are working fine as well
I have multiple:

  • door/window sensors
  • temperature/humidity/pressure sensors
  • water sensors
  • motion sensors
  • switches
  • cubes

Do you have any arguments Why Not?

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I successfully use Aqara devices with honey - they are great. (Cube, blinds, motion, temperature, vibration, etc)

I have no idea why @Vincent_Vans is saying not too? Troll? Hopefully he comes back and explains.


You can check the other topics about the problems with Aqara devices. A lot of people have problems with them, including me. If you have a few devices it will probably work, but if you have >100 devices: good luck.

It was just an advise, feel free to try it :slight_smile:

(it worked fine on my HP2016 but the HP23 brought me a lot of issues, including the Aqare devices not responding. Some of them I need to re-include every few days.They just loose connection. When I repair one, another one stops communicating)

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Hey Vincent,

I have read a lot of these forums and I honestly can say I don’t know what you are referring to.

I don’t have the largest smart home (far from it) but I do have many hundreds of devices.

I have also read threads about people having issues with zwave on the HP23, when they have many hundreds of devices but nothing about Aqara.

Perhaps you can supply some links for people?

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I have the same issues. I’m now setting up timers so that i get warnings when a device did not update for 8 hours so that i can reset the device.

Sorry, I’m very new to this.

I was under the impression that although Aqara nominally uses zigbee, you can’t actually to generic hubs and must use Aqara’s own hubs (like the M2)? Was I mistaken? Can you connect the accessories directly to Homey?

Also, is it possible to connect the hub to Homey as well? As I said, I have 100+ accessories at this point, and it will be a massive pain to reconnect them all. Some are in very hard to reach places

Most Yes, see Aqara App for Homey | Homey


I see mostly questions, no real solutions Search results for 'Aqara Hub ' - Homey Community Forum

But Both answers I already posted. :wink:

Hey guys, first post here(!)…TLDR: Will the addition of Homey to control all my devices allow me to install Aqara device updates & access the more advanced features of Aqara devices without sending info to Aqara servers?

Details: I have the Aqara video doorbell and Aqara smart lock. I set up both to HomeKit without making an Aqara account or DLing the Aqara app. I don’t want any of my video footage or usage information communicated to servers outside the US, especially China (hopefully I haven’t messed this up already). I know the downside of sticking to HomeKit exclusively is that I can’t receive Firmware updates nor access some more advanced features, etc…hence why I’m looking into Homey!

Almost certainly not, no.

First of all, you have to check if your devices are actually supported by Homey, which for Aqara is limited to two apps: the Aqara Zigbee app (only for Zigbee devices) and the Xiaomi Mi Home app (for WiFi devices).

The former doesn’t require an Aqara/Xiaomi hub, but will not provide the ability to update firmware, and at the moment it doesn’t support more recent Aqara devices.

The latter requires the Xiaomi Mi gateway. I think the app can talk locally to it, but you still need to add your devices to it, which probably means exposing them to China.

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