Xiaomi Aqara Vibration sensor

I have a Homey Early 2019, now running 2.1.0.
Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee app, 0.5.5.
I bought a Xiaomi Aqara Vibration sensor.
I managed to pair it and had it working.
Paired some more ZigBee-stuff, Hue lights and so.
Then I was about to go on with my Ikea Trådfri lights. Tried and tried, but could not pair it.
Read forums and someone said that it might be an ideaa to reset the ZigBee network.
I saw that the devices had to be re-paird, but I just did have a few, so I did so.
After that, the Xiaomi sensor and the hue-lamp did not work, so I tried to delete them, but it failed with error: “status.could_not_find_zigbee_shepherd_device”.
Was not able to get rid of them.
I the uninstalled the apps, the Xiaomi one and the Hue one. And after that the devices were gone. Good. Reinstalled the apps again.
After some trying I was able to install Ikea-lights with sucess (think that was another problem, had to do a real reset of them).
I also installed other Xiaomi-devices (motion sensor, wallmounted remotes). Works all fine. Also Hue Dimmer switch. All ZigBee, all fine.
Just one thing. The Xiaomi Vibration sensor. Impossible to pair agaian. Trying and Trying. Reading manuals about reset. Holding button so it blinks tripple.
Often, it does not try to pair at all, but in some cases it starts saying “Adding device” and after a long time, “Timout adding a device”.
The pairing of the other Xiaomi-devices have a simular way adding, it adds just fine.
So after trying a lot, I thought the sensor was broken, or that my Homey had some traces of it, so I could not pair it again. Went back to the store, and returned it, and got a new one.
Now I am trying to add that, but it is just the same! Acts exactly the same. Cannot add. But I hade the first one in for some days and played with it until I reseted the ZigBee network. I see that Homey is 2.1.0 now, think it was 2.0.5 before, cannot say when it got updated, and if it was the or after ZigBee network reset it stopped working.
What to do? Have any ideas?
Now I have much more ZigBee-stuff in, so I rather not reset again.

I had the same problem with the xiaomi aqara door sensor. After long trying i have it working again. First reset the sensor. Than I removed it and readded it in homey. I had to lay down the sensor in the direct neighbourhood of homey. Just a few inches away. This solved my problem, hope it does solve your problem too.

Hi Marcel.
Thanks for input.
Yes, I read somwhere about reseting.
Dont know if there are any other ways than holding the button for 5 sec. Maybe not the same for door-sensor.
But that is what I have tried. And when trying to pair, holding it very close to Homey. Nearly touching it :-).
Ikea Trådfri lights was the same. Holding close.
Bu no luck…
As I dont have it in, so I cant remove it.
Had it in there, could not delete, so I uninstalled app, and then it was gone.
But no luck in adding again…

Had same sort of issue with the vibration sensor.
I had one working but could not get the second one to pair. I have many Xiaomi Aqara devices so i know how to pair them but with this one it just didn’t work and i thought it was broken.
But after 2 days i gave it another try and it paired the first i tried!.
Why? I don’t know, but don’t give up on it and just try once more tomorrow…
Good luck!

Hi Roy.
Thanks for the tips.
Yes, I have read that thread. I saw that tip, but as it was stated as a tip for “the Xiaomi (not Aqara) range of devices”, and in the same post, the Vibration sensor was mentioned under “Aqara devices” and not under “Xiaomi devices” I did not note that. Tested a few other tips later down the thread.
And as all my other Xiaomi/Aqara-devices worked fine in the app, and as that thread was under the category “Apps”, I placed my question under the category “Devices”, as it was just the device and not the whole app that I had problem with. But I could of corse placed it there. I apologize if I understood the places incorrect.

Anyhow. Your suggestion worked!
First press for 5 secs to reset with three blinks, and during the time it took “Adding device”, I pressed the button once ever 4 seconds or so, to keep it alive, and then it was added just fine.
So thanks for the tip!

I did manage to pair my Aqara vibration sensor, but find it hard to use them in a flow.
The one on the garaedoor gives a tilt-alarm, but so far I’m not able to tell if the door is open or closed.
The other one is on the washingmachine, I would like an allert when the washingmachine is ready. Did any of you manage to build a good flow with the Aqara vibration sensors??

I am not able to pair the xiaomi aquara vibration sensor to my homey pro. Tried several things… :frowning:

sorry for my late answer - I successfully connected the device with the “keep alive trick”


It’s not a trick, it’s mandatory. Therefore it is explicitly mentioned in the installation instructions.

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Hello everyone. does anyone know how to adjust the sensitivity without the Xiaomi Gateway? thank you in advance

Unfortunately this is not possible with the current Homey firmware. Maybe in a future update of the Zigbee protocol… But that isn’t sure either

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All right
Thank you for the answer

Thanks buddy! That worked

hi, would it be possible to use the xiaomi / aqara hub to change the sensitiviy of the vibration sensor and afterwards connect it to homey. or is it possible to use one vibration sensor with both hubs at the same time? thanks in advance