Problem with Aqara Vibration Sensor

I installed the Aqara Vibration Sensor in my mailbox. The mailbox is quite far away from Homey, so I installed a LEDVANCE Plug between Homey and the Sensor.

After installing, it went quite well and the Vibration sensor was triggered, when the mailbox was used. The Sensor was routed over the Plug.

One day later the Sensor was not working anymore. The route table showed, that it was still attached to the Plug. I deinstalled it and newly installed it again.

It was working. But now the routing was directly to Homey. I wondered why, because the distance are about 10m with two walls in between. But it worked.

For one day.

Now the sensor is still in the device table and active, but no signals are coming through. It still reacts with a blue light upon press, but the states are not changing, even if they should.

I started Homey new, took it even from Power to force the Sensor to connect to the Plug. But that did not work.

It has still a direct connection to Homey, Homey hast it active in it´s device table, but no signals are coming to my end.

Do you have any suggestions or is there a way to measure the signal strength of the Zigbee devices?

Any help is very appreciated!!!


That sounds like a range problem to me. We also know that Homey doesn’t have the most stable Zigbee software and doesn’t always use the most sensible repeating. For Zigbee I can recommend the Ikea Tradfri Repeater. They only cost € 10, but repeat well. You can’t have enough of that at the moment. I personally moved to the Conbee 2 stick with the entire Zigbee network. It is compatible with Homey and I have never had such a stable zigbee. The range is very good and there is no measurable latency. But before you invest any money, wait for Homey v 5 0. There is talk that a new Zigbee firmware is ready. Maybe that will solve your problems.

Routing within a Zigbee network is entirely up to the separate devices, Homey doesn’t have a say in that. So that’s not something that will be solved by the rewrite.

I’ve heard from others that the Xiaomi devices can be particular to which router they prefer. I mostly have IKEA in my network, and that combination seems to work fine, so much so that I ordered a few more repeaters to extend my network because some devices are at the edge of my network (I have both an door/window sensor and a motion sensor on my letterbox, which is about 15m away from the house) and more repeaters means more stability (although I don’t have any issues with that at the moment). FWIW, I’m using deCONZ as well.