Extend signal for aqara motion sensor?

i have aqara motion sesnor outside my door and after 8-10 hours he is stop responding until i reconnect it to homey

the only thing i can think of is signal issue…
anyone know how to extend my signal to this sensor ?
or any other idea to fix it ?

Add more router devices (permanently powered Zigbee devices, like lightbulbs, smart sockets or for example the IKEA repeater devices) to your Zigbee network.


so u think it is deffinetly signal problem ?
and u think this will help ?

do u know if tuya zigbee bulbs suppot homey ?
say this one?

It may be a signal problem, but difficult to debug without more information. For instance, how far is the sensor located from Homey? And does your Zigbee network have any router devices at all?

The IKEA repeaters work great in my experience, I don’t know about the Tuya bulbs (but there is a specific Tuya Zigbee app, so check that out).

the distance is not to much
about 15M from homey hub to sensor but i have my doorway in between…
what do u mean by router devices? u mean another zigbee sensor ?
cuz if so i have 3 more working just fine…

i can see there is tuya app but i can really understand what it is supported and what is not…

15m is probably too far away. And I defined what router devices are a few posts up :wink: Permanently powered Zigbee devices; sensors are usually powered by battery and therefore not routers.

if u mean router devices by zig bee with power…than no only zigbee sonsor like aqara motion sensor

In that case, you should add router devices in between Homey and your outside sensor, it’s very likely a range problem.

just to make sure u meant to powered device like u said before

TRÅDFRI Signal repeater or zig bee light for example ?

Yes, signal repeater, Zigbee light or Zigbee smart socket. The important part is that they are permanently powered ánd supported by Homey.

Maybe this could help a little bit.


Thank u all for the replay
I will try to serch for tuya on this forum and understand what is supported and what not
Again thanks !!

This can also have to do with an update in firmware 5.
I had the same problem: motion sensors stopped responding after one or two days. They needed to be re-added al the time. Anthon explained to me there are some users who experience this after a certain update. They guided me through a specific firmware-update proces, to reinstall the update properly. (Install Full Update) After this the problem was fixed.

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My homey version is 4.2 so i dont think its related…

But i over come my problem in a different way… Until my tuya zigbee lights will arrive i used my philips hue sensor and it closer to my philips hub so i used it instead…