Aqara Zigbee far away Homey


I bought many window sensor Xiaomi Aqara and one of them is far away Homey (50 meters) : the sensor is in a mailbox.
Like Zigbee is a mesh protocol, i thinked the sensor connect to another sensor between it and the Homey, but when i looked in my routes, he’s connected directly to the Homey and it doesn’t work.
How can i do ?


Only mains-powered zigbee devices can extend the mesh and route other signals, battery powered cannot because they go in a sleep mode to conserve energy. You could e.g. add Ikea routers inbetween to extend the mesh. The table shows which devices are routers and which are not.

Ok so i can place my philips hue hub between Honey and Aqara sensor and it’s extend my mesh ? My hue hub will distance 40 meters to aqara sensor with a wall , it’s ok for the sensor ?

No, your Hue hub is not part of Homey’s Zigbee network (it creates its own completely separate network). Besides that, 40 meters is still too far away, I think you should be lucky if you get a 15 meter range.

Ok so how my device can work for my homey ? Is exists antenna to extend zigbee mesh ?

Well, we don’t know how your house or driveway looks like, but adding zigbee light bulbs or zigbee wall plugs between Homey and the sensor will probably help. Like @robertklep says, 15 meters is probably the maximum range. So add a light bulb every 10 meters or so. Even less if there’s a wall or something between the devices

Any zigbee light bulb that directly connects to Homey will work. So IKEA light bulbs or INNR wall plugs will work for example. Hue light bulbs will only work if you use this app: Philips Hue ZigBee | Homey

If you use this app: Philips Hue | Homey you are using the hue hub, which makes it’s own Zigbee mesh, as robertklep stated

I have light every 2/3 meters in my driveway and the end of light is 10 meters of a wall plug. Actually my lights are not bulb. If i add light bulb i need to remove light switch ?

Your lights need to be continously powered and be of type Zigbee. And they need to be included directly in Homey, not via a bridge. Then they can extend your Zigbee network.

Are your light bulbs zigbee bulbs? Or regular light bulbs? If you replace them with zigbee light bulbs and add them to Homey directly, this will extend the range.

I would suggest removing the zigbee switch, because if you use it, it will cut the power to the zigbee light bulbs which means the zigbee mesh is no longer extended. It will therefore probably not reach your mailbox.

Actually, it’s regular light bulbs.
Finally, i think i don’t change mu bulbs by zigbee bulbs but i think i will add a repeater like “Tuya ZigBee 3.0 USB Dongle” to extend my mesh near from my first bulb. It extends 30 meters the mesh, so it’s ok for my mailbox.

(Tuya ZigBee 3.0 répéteur de Signal Extender USB pour la vie intelligente ZigBee dispositifs capteurs étendre 20 30M Module domotique intelligent | AliExpress)

Don’t trust everything they write :slight_smile: 30 meters seems like a lot.

My Homey doesn’t work more than 30 meters and if i bought the USB dongle, it will be at 22 meters to my mailbox.

I don’t think the USB dongle will reach 30 meters either, or even 22 meters.

Is exists a repeater will work with this distance ?

It’s very difficult to say, it depends on where you put the repeater and what’s in between the repeater and the node that you want to reach.

I have a few IKEA repeaters at the front of the house (indoors) that I use to reach sensors about 10 meters out in the garden (through a double brick wall), and I feel like that’s about the maximum distance that they can reach (perhaps a little bit over, say 12 to 15 meters).

The repeater is outdoor and there is nothing between the repeater and the sensor. The road is straight :slight_smile:

In that case, it may work :+1:t2:

I think i will try the USB dongle in that configuration. I have the same problem with zwave signal and i will add an electrical outlet at the same place