Question Zigbee Mesh


I have Philips hue all over my house and it works super.
Even long away from my hue bridge.

If I buy a Aqara Vibration Sensor, Also Zigbee.
Would it then be able to use the existing mesh net from Philips hue?
Meaning I can place it far away from the homey?

No, the Hue bridge has its own seperate Zigbee network, any devices that are part of Homey’s Zigbee network won’t be able to use it.


If I buy Ikea Fyrtur Roller Blinds for all my rooms, then I have a new Mesh network, I know they are on batteries, but there is a repeater for each blind

So the question is,
If I would use the Aqara Vibration Sensor in my mailbox,
Would i then be able to reach my new mesh network as it will be 30meter awau form the last blind that is placed inside?

Battery powered zigbee devices don’t have a router function. Mains powered devices do.
I checked the product page, each curtain comes with a mains powered repeater (it wasn’t clear to me how battery operated units could act as router as you described your situation)
So, if you connect all of them to Homey zigbee network and place 5 to 6 mains powered zigbee smartplugs f.i. in between, your aqara should be able to reach the Homey zigbee network.
Maybe you can place the curtain routers a bit smart to reduce the 30meters and reduce the need of extra zigbee router devices.
They say the nearest router should be within 10 meters, so you probably don’t need a router per curtain, and so you could place them along the house and towards the mailbox.
Or is it an outside box??

unfortunately its an outside mailbox
I think it will be impossible to reach it

I could just be cool with light blinking when I got mail
Damn im lazy :slight_smile:

I have a vibration sensor in my mailbox, and it’s very useful! But my mailbox is “only” about 12 m away from the closest router.

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You could have mentioned that in the 1st place, lazy person :wink: :wink: :wink: It had saved me some time hehehe. No worries though.

Maybe u can throw this thing outside, it should reach both aqara and your inside zigbee mesh
(If you got a metal mailbox, and put the sensor inside of it, beware of (big) signal loss!!, so try different distances between the house and mailbox with this plug)

Thanks, this could maybe do the trick.
Now I just need to convince the wife that we can’t live without this, sensor :slight_smile:

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Your on your own at the wife department :rofl: