Heal Zigbee mesh?

I have very recently some Zigbee issues. Was quite stable for a long time (years). I now have two devices without a route. Can I heal the mesh / route for them somehow?

I also have one IKEA tradfri light that came unavailable. It shows a route (direct to homey) but I get an error no network adress

Also I have a lot of difficulties adding more devices (philips hue zigbee and aqara)

My mesh consists of 41 devices from which around 25 powered bulbs (routers)

I already did a lot of PTP and soft restarts in the past week and also cannot find any relevant topics on the forum.

I’m aware a zigbee rewrite will be avalable in V5, but any suggestions before that would be appreciated.

It sounds like you have too many devices that are directly connected to Homey. Even though you seem to have plenty of router devices, if every one of those connects with Homey directly you’ll still run into the hardware-imposed limit of about 20 devices.

There isn’t really a quick or easy solution I think (I also don’t think the v5 rewrite will fix issues like this). My experience with Aqara devices is that they tend to stick to the router that they initially paired with, so if you have a lot of those directly paired with Homey you have to remove/unpair them and re-pair them closer to any of the router devices so they will mesh through those.

I can do a count of directly connected devices tomorrow. Maybe your right.

You think the hue devices will choose another path if I move my homey to a corner of my house? So they somehow have to move to a router because they don’t see homey itself anymore?

I’m a bit hesitant to connect directly as I removed on aqara sensor yesterday that was unresponsive for weeks but won’t connect anymore now.

It’s worth a try, but there are no guarantees that it will work :frowning:

22 direct connected, 3 not connected at all, 16 via a router. So somehow I need to force more of them to use a router…

I will try to move homey to a different location tonight and see what happens with the mesh after

I have 14 Zigbee devices (directly connected) and had already problems with unresponsible devices and strange behaviour in software version 4. I installed 5.0 RC26 and the all Zigbee problems (for now) are over. It al works as it should. I think you should try the beta version of 5.0, it’s worth a shot.

I would, but all my Aqara won’t work anymore as that app is being worked on as we speak. So I will at least wait for that. I do hope V5 will improve it, never had issues before, but I did add 10 zigbee spots a few weeks ago, all close to homey (in my living room) so that might be an issue

And I just realized another strange thing… Device number 15 shown in this screenshot of the zigbee map, is not connected, but does function normally… Double checked it, and it really does work…

Ok, if one of the apps is not updated yet, then you need to wait indeed. Problably problems will percist untill then.

I see there is no test version of the Aqara app available yet. Otherwise that could be an option. Maybe the developer of the Aqara can send you the beta version? I have seen some links on the forum for other apps directly from the developer.

No Ted is working very hard on it, and will not release a beta, what I respect.

I will be patience for the aqara app. All lights that I need to work are working. Only missing some temperature sensors and cannot add my last garden light it seems.

I have two of those… Strange indeed!

Looks like it didn’t work indeed. Or the homey developer pages doesn’t show it. I’m pretty convinced some bulbs (back of the garden) must be too far away now, but they show no route, and do function…

It can take a while before every thing on this page is shown, did you try to open this page and wait 15 minutes? and/or try a refresh page?

It shows the route, usually takes up to 15-30min indeed. But its not changed after homey moved. Except for two already routed devices now use a different router.

Oh and with no route, I mean connected to homey directly, not via another bulb