Zigbee routing and 20 devices (directly connected) hardware limit

This is a topic split from the Aqara app’s topic, as the discussion wasn’t about the app anymore but a general discussion about the 20 devices hardware limit of directly connected devices to Homey, and it’s routing.
We can continue discussing it in this topic.


Almost everthings works great. But a have a Aqara Wireless Remote Swich, but if i do a long press nothing happens.

Also if i look in the developers methode a see this. (of course a allready pull the plug of the Homey for more then 10mins)

Even remove and re-include the device doesn’t help.


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first check here https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee of the devices has any route, if it is grey with a questionmark then you need to reconnect the switch.

I’ve been having some issues with Zigbee lately and came up to this topic looking for a solution. I installed Version 5 tonight and with it updated the Xiaomi app version 1.0, hoping all problems were over. I keep an eye on the mesh network by visiting https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee. I’ve restarted Homey after take the power off for 15 minutes.

Now, i’m waiting more than 45 minutes to get a updated mesh network, this is the situation. How long does it take to get all the routes visible?

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It took 5 days for me…

5 days… wow :slight_smile:

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Not really directly connected to Aqara, but rather zigbee. What does the “interview” button do in zigbee overview? I guess it fetches status and capabilities of a certain device, but when I press it nothing happens

All I see is end devices, no routers. That’s not a healthy Zigbee network, and your problems are likely caused by Homey’s limit of 20 directly-connected devices (which firmware v5 won’t solve).

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Add some routers…some ZigBee non-battery powered devices or even cheap routers from IKEA (TRADFI) including repeaters/power sockets…they are really cheap. Prior to adding them you might require removal of some other devices as you are already over the limit/

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Used to take a long time in the old firmware (+/-30minutes to load). This morning (after upgrading last night) I opened the zigbee developer tools and I directly saw all the zigbee routes.

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Probably depends on how many devices you have - in my case, after 6 days, I don’t see yet all routes of my 47 ZigBee devices :wink:

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41 devices :slight_smile:
From which 8 are directly connected at this moment, the rest is routed. And 2 are still not connected (aqara temperatrue sensors), I just replaced the batterys to be sure and will give them some time

somewhere I got the idea that Homey firmware V5 (zigbee rewrite?) would make it possible to directly connect more than 20 devices. That is not the case after the release of V5 and updated version of Zigbee app?

Based on the information from the past, the limitation was always linked to the hardware as such, not improper implementation of ZigBee protocol itself. The proper implementation in v5 will enable more type of devices and more reliable routing I guess yet it will not increase the HW limit.

Just a general question regarding the Zigbee and homey 5.0. I still run in 4.2 and i have many Zigbee devices running very stable at the moment. What advantage can I expect for updating to 5.0 and Aqrara app 1.0.1?

I wouldn’t trust the nodes you see under zigbee in developer tools. I have an Aqara door/window sensor that doesn’t show any route. Guess what? It’s working just fine, responding instantly. It sits 40-50 meters away from the closest router, in plain view. It’s been like this for over a week. I did a PTP, restart app, you name it. Some end devices are connected to a router that is 4 walls and 20 meters away (yeah, right!) when there is another router just 50 cm away, in plain view.

It’s not an update yet, it’s an experimental test version. And plz keep in mind: not every update is an upgrade!

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The Zigbee Module is rewritten in V5. This should lead to a more responsive, more stable, self healing zigbee mesh

Because AFTER they will confirm the mesh path is stable, it will update routes… when you see ? it doesn’t mean it’s out of the mesh, it means it’s not sure yet about learned path (naturally applicable only when the device itself works :wink: )

For example this is my state after 6 days - those with ? works fine yet they are indeed not in the direct route to Homey. In some other thread it was stated the routes stabilization could even takes weeks (which is I hope not the case)

Yep. So let’s all go experimental and upgrade!!