What can I do when adding my ninth Aqara sensor returns status.duplicate_device?

Ive been adding Aqara temperature and humidity sensors to my rooms. I have 8 successfully paired, both directly to my homey and through routers. The ninth is giving me trouble. It will not pair. No error at first. But then I disconnected 6 hue bulbs and did a homey restart before pairing again, it gave me a status.duplicate_device message (screenshot below).

How does this happen? How do I remove the duplicate?

I also have issues with a Hue Lightstrip Plus not being recognized by the Philips Hue App
(Philips hue lightstrip plus is “unknown device”)

And I know there are some issues on the current Homey software version and zigbee (Heal Zigbee mesh?). Are my issues related to this?

Any insight in the matter is most appreciated!

Simple and straight: Start remove a Zigbee device from Homey and start the (un)pairing sequence on the device and then after it is removed (either by process or forced because it isn’t found) again reset the device again before adding.

Thanks for responding! But I dont follow. Where do I find “Remove a Zigbee device”? Is there a common entry point for this? I dont have the device registered, so I cant use this to remove it.

Hmmm, must say that i am lost here too.
I seem to remember that there was a generic removal button, just as with Z-wave. Can’t find it so either i am wrong or it has been removed.

These things happen :slight_smile: Thanks anyway for the effort!