Aqara temperature sensor not pairing

Managed to pair one. Number two not pairing. Holding the button and it blinks 4 times, not 3. Any suggestions?

The sensor is to far away from Homey?

I’ve tried it right next to the Homey.

It managed to almost pair, but got an error probably because it was too far away. Now it’s not working at all.

What error message did you get?

Something with unable_sheperd_device are the only words I can remember.

I had the same issue yesterday. Mine sensor was visable in the app.

What in did to solve the problem:

  1. Restart Homey
  2. Delete corrupt sensor via developer page via the laptop
  3. Add the sensor again

Maybe if the sensor is not visable a restart should do the trick

Try keeping the sensor alive by pressing the button once every couple of seconds during the pairing

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Exactly. Keeping device alive by pressing button every 2 seconds should help. I had similar issue and this method solved it.

Rebooting Athom and pressing every 2 seconds helped, thanks.

Unfortunately experiencing the same issue. Unable to pair in my case four sensors. Never managed to pair any. Tips didn’t work for me. Any other tips? Did PTP, Restart, Update to Homey 3.0.0, generic device add, Aqara device add. None worked. Would love to use the sensors to create some rather convenient flows.

I run into same problem. I had all zigbee devices working before, but due to some issue I had to reset zigbee network yesterday. Now Im nit able to pair any of temperature sensors. Other zigbee devices can be paired without problem. Did restart, ptp for 1+ hour, but no success.

When you look at and wait for some 5-10 minutes, how many of your devices are connected straight to Homey? Did you start your new zigbee network with adding the routers, not the battery powered ones?

Homey can handle about 20 battery operated devices without going through routers, and my experience is that I just get time out messages when I am trying to pair aqara devices when those 20 devices are full, while eg Hue find there new way themselves. Then you could try to set Homey without power for some 12 minutes (11.2, ha?) and try again.

If it’s not working I think you would need more routers. However these suggestions are more based on my personal experience than on deep zigbee knowledge. Good luck!

I have one router (xiaomi switch) and 15 battery devices. Router was added as a first one. Before I was able to add almost 30 devices. Regarding routing, all devices are connecting directly to Homey and dont use router. Wh3n pairing temp sensors, pairing wont even start. Nothing will happen. But when I try to add motion sensor, everything works. Those temp sensors worked with this Homey before zigbee reset…

Edit: so after some testing, the result is following.Added additional router (Ikea plug) to the network. It seems that Aqara switch is not able to route correctly, because after Ikea was added, I was able to add temperature sensors that are being routed over the Ikea plug. When I add additional door sensor, it is being routed directly to Homey. It seems that Homey has only issue with some type of devices (e.g. aqara temperature sensors).

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