Philips hue lightstrip plus is “unknown device”

When i try to connect a Philips hue lightstrip plus to the homey it isn’t recognized. It says “unknown device”. Is there a weakness in the app? Is there a workaround?

Have you installed the Philips Hue ZigBee app?

Thanks for responding! Yes. And I have several hue bulbs successfully connected. But the trouble is that the light strips plus at not recognized. Thus added as generic zigbee device.

You probably have the v3 of the strip (with Bluetooth support), which is only in the SDKv3 (test channel) app (Homey v5 only).

The lightstrip plus in the stable app only has the non Bluetooth version (a.k.a. v2)

As there is already an sdkv3 app in the store the developer can’t add devices into the stable app anymore, so you either need to update to the experimental update and hope everything works for you (and don’t have any other zigbee apps that haven’t been rewritten to sdkv3 (which is mandatory)), or wait until Homey v5 is in stable.

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Thanks! Makes sense as you describe it. Ill have to look into using the betas. There are several zigbee related issues adding to my setup now.

How did the beta-thing work out for you? If it worked ok, could you please share how you did it? Got the same problem. The strip is Bluetooth-compatible, but also have zigbee.

I solved the issue temporarily with using the generic zigbee device which provided a simple on/off functionality. I didnt look into the beta’s as I’m not feeling too experimental these days. (Too many other issues in a new house to take care of :wink: )

But, by chance I connected the Hue Bridge the other day. I removed all Hue spots, bulbs and strips from the Homey and added them to the Hue Bridge. I even made a few scenes for some of my rooms. Note, I kept the Dimmer Switches connected to the Homey through Philips Hue Zigbee app.

Then I used Philips Hue app (not Zigbee) to reconnect all lights to the Homey. The Hue Strips were then added with functionality for dimming and temperature. I remade my flows and by accessing the scenes I made in the Hue Bridge, the flows were simplified (e.g. turn on room, dim room, turn off room).

The benefit of using the Homey still in the case of lights, is that all other non zigbee devices are still in the flows triggered by the Hue Dimmer Switches.

Bonus: Using the Hue Bridge for connecting lights greatly increased the reliability and responds time in my flows.

Thoughts: Probably the coming update of Homey v5 will solve some of these issues. And with Homey v5 comes Hue app-updates with support for the new Hue Strips.

I bought one today and I’m experiencing the same issues. With BT and zigbee. V4 I believe.