Zigbee problems with Homey bridge

Hey there,
I´m a beginner with a network of Aqara producs and Philips Hue lights, plus some 433 MHz devices. This far, it has been quite amazing what can be accomplished with the homey bridge and its flows.

Anyway, today I encountered my first big obstacle when trying to set up a couple of new Aqara devices.
I have read about zigbee-limitations but I don’t think that is the problem here since the number of devices isn’t that huge.

In total, I have about 15 Philips hue lights connected to Hue bridge (also zigbee) and 6 connected Aqara devices. No routers, just homey bridge+end devices. When trying to add the 7th device, homey app simply doesn’t recognize the devices, no error message, just a search prompt that doesn’t find the aqara-devices. It can’t find any new devices (temperature sensors/water leak sensors).

I have tried reseting the zigbee-network and re-adding all the devices (quite a tedious task). I also tried changing the zigbee-channel for Hue. I cannot change the zigbee-channel for Homey bridge (a homey pro feature?)

All help and ideas are welcome!

Restart the bridge and immediately after the boot/reconnect add the new device. This works every time. Later if the ZigBee network and all end devices are online again you can’t add the device anymore.

I’m sorry to say this didn’t work for me. I tried multiple times with different devices.
Do you mean reset the zigbee-network or simply powering on/off homey bridge?
I just tried rebooting homey bridge by unplugging the cable.

Thank you for the information, hopefully we will get a fix in the near future. Do you have any idea of when this could be fixed?

Thinking about refunding the additional zigbee-devices or if I should keep them and wait for an update.

Or maybe, I should just buy a router-device. Any recommendations? Would Aqara Gateway do the job?

I doubt the issue gets fixed by adding a router device. I have no idea when/if it will get fixed, Athom doesn’t share timelines.

It works, do it as I told you. As I said, before the other devices reconnect you can add more.
I have over 20 ZigBee end devices on homey cloud. No issue at all. Just when I want to connect a new one I proceed as explained.

One more hint. I always pair the devices very close to the bridge, less than one meter.

I’m curious how your Homey bridge https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee
screen looks like…

May be way to long to snap in one go. I have atm 99 devices (in total all technologys).

Zigbee only.
I’m very curious if the numbering really goes beyond 18 (while #1 - #17 are all present)

And even more if I add the spare devices :smiling_imp:

The first story I know of a Bridge with a “big” zigbee mesh.