Cant add more Aqara devices

After updating to Homey v5 i cant add more aqara devices. All the old ones work great but when i try to add new 10cm from homey, the pairing wont start. I press the button so the devices go in to pairing mode but the app wont trigger anything, just stays on the press the pair button screen. Im on channel 11 in zigbee and that is stable. I have 15 devices.

Thanks for any help regarding this.

Because you already asked the question in the Aqara thread and don’t seem to have received a personal answer. I guess that you didn’t read the thread. Solutions are suggested there, e.g. resetting the Zigbee network. This should not be the case anymore with Homey FW v5.0.0, but it seems that one or the other user has to do it anyway. So I would also suggest to contact Athom additionally.

Zigbee channel: This can be disturbed by other Zigbee bridges or by the WLAN.
There are also already various threads about this, including this one: