Make the most of your zigbee network

A little help to optimize your zigbee network.

To start with, Zigbee in homey is on channel 11, WiFi’s three non-overlapping channels (1, 6, and 11) use the exact same frequencies as ZigBee channels 11-22.
Other hubs, like tradfri and hue, can also ‘live’ in other channels. Try to set them.all to 11, and make sure you sort out the best wifi channel to use.

This means that you need to optimize your wifi / zigbee network. This could solve Wifi dropouts, and zigbee not working correct. This will not solve all issues, but can make life with wifi / zigbee much more fun.

read the next page how to solve this and what wifi channels to use :

If the wifi and zigbee channels are split up correctly, then start building your zigbee network.

Make sure you add ALL devices next to homey (max 20cm) from homey !!!

Start with adding all your ‘routers’ this are mostly powered devices. (not battery)
after this add all your endpoint devices, like battery powered devices. Preferably try to place routers in every room where you also place endpoint devices (like sensors) to optimize your Zigbee mesh network.

After this start adding your endpoint devices (sensors / battery powered devices)

Give the network some time to build up. This can take up a couple of hours, to mesh up correctly.

In you can see your zigbee network, but you do NOT see all routing, only routing to the devices, not away from them.

hope this is of a little help.

For now I have 41 zigbee stable devices connected to homey… and growing…

Happy Zigbeeing


Hi! My zigbee network is getting more unstable. At this point I can no longer wait for Homey 5.0, so I want to try your methods. But I’ve got one question. All my sensors are from Xiaomi, and I’d like to add a couple of Ikea zigbee repeaters. But, apparantly the Xiaomi sensors aren’t that flexible with changing zigbee routes. Do you have Xiaomi sensors? And if no, do you still recommend pairing them close to Homey, instead of on their installation site, so they can pair via the router? Thank you for your reply!